Bristol Palin Loves Being Thrown About By Those In Authority

Bristol and Nancy French are pontificating again – this time about the young, black schoolgirl that was assaulted by the police officer in a classroom. Of course, before you even read the shite that she spews, you know who she is going to side with.

Bristol's wisdombristol's wisdom2Listen you drunken, pregnant whore. That young girl lost her mother this year and is now living in a foster home. She was acting out, but what she needed was some TLC and not to be brutally thrown around a classroom. Her teacher and resource officer both failed her at a very traumatic time in her life.

Let us be clear here. Ben Fields grabbed that girl around the neck and threw her to the ground while she was still sitting in her chair. He then dragged and threw her across the classroom before handcuffing her.

Now Bristol, it’s interesting that you think your son (which one?) would leave a classroom if he was asked to. I presume you are talking about Tripp, so I will go with that. I hate to talk ill about a child, but your son is a little monster. He is a brat. There is nothing remotely appealing about him. In fact, there is something quite chilling about him. You, and you alone have destroyed your own child with your negligent, lazy parenting. As you told the Rivers woman, you have to bribe him with popsicles to get him to do anything. Your son would most likely have called the teacher and the police officer a *faggot.* So get off your high, fucking horse (and if that insults Nancy) – I’m good with that.

Next, the irony of you lecturing the general population on listening to authority is just priceless. The drunken, Palin brawl was only a year ago.

Courtesy of TPM:

In one of the audio recordings, Bristol Palin spoke to an officer, saying that she had been attacked by Korey Klingenmeyer, the owner of the house where the party took place.

“Can we talk in here because I have my 5-year-old in here asleep?” Bristol said, before beginning to tell her version of what happened.

“I don’t know who Korey is,” she said. “Korey pushed me on the ground and took me by my legs and dragged me across the lawn calling me a ‘cunt’ and calling me a ‘slut.’ I don’t know Korey. I don’t know Korey.”

The police officer then took photos of Bristol’s injuries.

“I don’t want my face in a picture right now,” she said. “There’s nothing on my face except for beer* and makeup.”

Yet another audio recording began with yelling, cursing and the sound of a child crying. Sarah Palin’s voice could be heard briefly urging her son, Track Palin, to cooperate.

Quickly another woman’s voice could be heard.

“Stop,” the woman said. “Let’s get them on our side. Okay?”

Yes, those Palin women sound like fantastic mothers. Old Bristles didn’t like being dragged by her feet across the lawn. Of course, this didn’t happen,  but she was making excuses and yowling at the thought that it might have. All she was worried about were her sunglasses and her sandals. If she had been slammed across a classroom, can you just imagine the ruckus? Meanwhile, her son cries…

I do have to agree with her on one thing. Looking at what KIDS are doing wrong. Children getting pregnant in their teens and having multiple pregnancies, boys vandalizing buses, girls breaking and entering…

Well, that is just wrong. It is a sign of utter dysfunction in a home. BAD PARENTING!!

Well, you little paragon of virtue – good luck with the birth of your next fatherless baby.

Nancy French should really shut up about now.

drunkenrumpusJeanne Devon

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12 Responses to Bristol Palin Loves Being Thrown About By Those In Authority

  1. 40Watt says:

    I am in awe of this post. Personally, I am only now getting over being speechless at the unmitigated gall of Bristol/Nancy/any of them/the whole miserable, fecking bunch of them.

    May I suggest Bristol, you are walking very close to the edge. These words will be captured for ever. You’d better hope beyond hope that none of your children ever behave like you and two of your siblings. Your mother may no longer be in the position to whitewash their crimes, misdemeanors, and/or major screw ups.

  2. 40Watt says:

    I saw this on Sarah’s FB:

    “Any suggestions for swan droppings removal? Todd’s floatplane ramp is looking pretty baaaaad due to these recent migrating guests.

    What’s your problem Sarah? Shoveling shite is what you’re best at. Hell, it may be the only area in which you demonstrate any real talent.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Anybody seen Todd? Why isn’t he home cleaning up his own shit-laden ramp? Perhaps Todd left her a gift as he flew off in the sunset……”here’s all the crap you have given me for years, my dear! Deal with it!”

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    I’d take one of her wigs and mop up the shit with that.

  5. NJfan says:

    Excellent post! Being judgemental without knowing the facts is typical of the Palin family members. Also, she coaxed Trig to say his favorite word “bullshit” and recorded it to post is being so mature….

    Shouldn’t she be trying to figure out who her baby daddy is since she doesn’t seem to know.

  6. MistyDew says:

    Love this post and you are so spot on. I can hear Tripp calling other kids faggot hrough out his school days. Brisket really needs to shut up,” she’ll never be mother of the year ” and I can wait for her kids learn to read!!

    • sallyinmi says:

      Read? That would require that an adult with the knowledge was helping them. Trig refuses to even sit with Sarah for Dr. Seuss. As far as I can tell, Bristol’s reading comprehension is lower than Tripp’s. So now that the boys are in first grade, the year most kids learn to read (my granddaughter was reading Harry Potter by the end of first grade) because their parents put in the time with them every single night, who is being a good parent and making sure these boys have the skill that will enable them to succeed in life? Sarah? Nope, she’s too busy flying around the country and spewing her ‘thoughts’ to anyone who will pay her. Bristol? She’s too busy planning her next trip and having parties at ‘work.’ Piper? Nope, she’s in high school now-she has parties to attend. How’s that trumpet playing, Pipes? That leaves Levi, who has started a new business and is busy enough with his own kids. So I guess, 10 years from now, we’ll see which kid refuses a teacher’s instruction and is dragged from the room still in his desk, but the hair.

  7. Professorcanine says:

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