Bristol Palin Confused About Many Things, But Mostly Trig

the_bristol_palin_dancing_conspiracyWonkette had a great headline yesterday concerning the young hooah with the multiple babbies.

Bristol Palin So Glad She Didn’t Abort Her Mom’s Baby

Kaili Joy Gray noticed something amiss in Bristol’s blatherings on her blog. Bristol aka Nancy French is fixated with abortion and constantly blogs about it. However, Nancy French sometimes forgets what she said before. As Kaili notes about the pregnant Palins:

And they were all so happy they’d both chosen not to do abortions to their babies, hooray! And they smiled for the camera and Real America, telling everyone nobody should be allowed to not choose life, even if they are really old or really young or their baby — inside their mom — has abnormalities, which sure scared Bristol at the time:

You see, back in March, 2013 this is what she blathered…

When I found out Mom was pregnant with a baby who would have Down syndrome, I confess.  I was scared.  I didn’t know what it would mean for his life or for ours.

That was in 2013. This is right now:

We (the kids in my family) didn’t know Trig was Down Syndrome until after he was a few hours old. Looking back now, I’m glad we didn’t know. We would’ve built up preconceived ideas about what our brother would be like and worried too much about it. Trig is one of our biggest blessing (along with Tripp of course) and really is the light of our lives! Watching him at his 1st grade concert just a couple nights ago melted my heart.

Now Bristol is glad she didn’t know the thing she knew two years ago because Trig is a “joy” and a “blessing” and the best thing that ever happened to her! Besides her own parenthetical baby, can’t forget whatshisname, he’s pretty OK too!

That’s why Trig (along with Tripp of course) are her “Favorite Boys”, and she loves to blog about how happy they make her. Sorry, other brother Track, but you are not one of her Favorite Boys. Oh, no reason.

Now ain’t that something? Bristol knew before she didn’t know that her baby brother Trig had Down Syndrome.

Nancy French is not doing her job properly. Ten demerits for you, Nancy. Next thing you know, she will get the mother of Trig mixed up!

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