The Temptation Of Fear – Don’t Waste A Bullet On A Warning Shot


Courtesy of Salon:

Abigail Disney’s new documentary “The Armor of Light” follows an Evangelical minister and the mother of a teenage shooting victim who ask if it’s possible to be both pro-gun and pro-life. The two unlikely allies share their trials of conscience, heartbreak and rejection, as they attempt to make others consider America’s gun culture through a moral lens.

And because those in charge didn’t speak up, Sarah Palin jumped in with her light bulb-breaking voice and scared the shit out of those poor morons.

They are fecking frightened of everything and she warns them not to waste a bullet on a warning shot. Like how many bullets did that excuse for a huntress waste on the caribou?


Moi, on the other hand, stood back and pondered.

CIMG0898Then I picked up my guns and bam, bam, bam at the target. I went from lower caliber to higher caliber or something like that. That was last year, and I have since filled out my pants. I am on a Mexican eating spree.

CIMG0903 copyAnd the moral of the story is…well there is no moral. There is a question.

Who would you rather having pointing a gun at you? Moi or Miss Pissy Pants in Alaska?

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4 Responses to The Temptation Of Fear – Don’t Waste A Bullet On A Warning Shot

  1. lindak1961 says:

    I don’t want anyone pointing a gun at me – no matter how bad a shot they are. Even Quitter might get lucky!

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