The Press Needs To Do Its Job

Trey Gowdy Human CockatooHuman Cockatoo [H/T to Shondi]

Courtesy of Media Matters:

By any commonsense standard Gowdy’s inquiry has been a Congressional bust. ($4.6 million spent to hold just a handful of public hearings?) If that’s effectively highlighted during Clinton’s nationally televised testimony, and if Democrats continue to press forward with their procedural attempts to dismantle the costly committee, Gowdy’s time in the spotlight might be quickly ending.

And that’s where the messy break-up looms. The Benghazi committee has been very good to a Beltway press corps anxious to pursue storylines about Clinton’s supposed incompetence and crooked ways. This year, the Benghazi committee has helped pundits produce months’ worth of baseless speculation about looming emailindictments and the potential for a Clinton campaign “collapse.” The Benghazi committee has provided institutional cover for the press to game out wild, what-if scenarios in which Clinton inevitably plays the villain, or a bumbling bureaucrat in over her head.

In other words, Gowdy provided the contours for the media’s beloved “scandal” narrative. And Gowdy’s committee has been generous with leaks that always make Clinton and her team look bad, even when upon closer examination the leaks don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Yesterday, Rep. Hanna had this to say…

“This may not be politically correct, but I think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, Hillary Clinton.”

Can the press and the rest of the GOP keep ignoring this?

Gowdy’s blind, partisan pursuit has been hiding in plain sight for years. Just like Ken Starr’s blind, partisan pursuit of the Clintons was easily detectable. Yet the press played along because the Clinton gotcha game generates buzz and it’s good for journalists’ careers.

And since there’s a collective Beltway mindset, being wrong when chasing Clinton inquisitions means rarely being held accountable, or being forced to defend wildly erroneous charges.

So most often, the fling is win-win for Republicans and press. And it has been for years. But there comes a time when the Republican pursuer loses all creditably and threatens to tarnish journalists who don’t break things off.

For Gowdy and the press, that time is now.

Have they no shame?

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5 Responses to The Press Needs To Do Its Job

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Shame? No. Decency? No. Brains? No.

    Shame to think it has taken this long to figure out we knew what they were doing all this time.

  2. Moles says:

    Turner wrote on his studio wall “Critics are arts blowflies”. The same could be said of the press.

  3. Back in my younger years, the phrase “Bless your little pointed head” was often said. in my family. This pic brought that immediately to mind and I haven’t heard or thought of it in a very long time. Per Google: The meaning of the english idiom – Bless your pointy little head. This expression is used as to patronise someone, especially when they don’t realise that they’re not very clever.

    I think my family used it in a praising, rather than negative way – – however if it’s meant to be insulting, then it certainly quite literally applies to Mr. Gowdy.

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