So WTF Happens Now?

While Bristol Palin (of the ever-present babby/fish lip syndrome) worries about contraception in Washington State, and her momma, Mrs. Todd Palin, frets about the state of Facebook and how to log in…America is going to hell in a handbasket.

fool2And by the way, this kid isn’t having fun. Look at his eyes. Dead. I wouldn’t leave a gun hanging around anywhere near that child. She will reap what she has sown.

Anyway, word has it that John Boehner’s crying syndrome has spread to a lot of his party. Apparently they were found in the loos, bawling their piggy little eyes out when McCarthy made his announcement.

They know that the Freedom Caucus ( I know who they are now) has completely made shite of the GOP. I mean the GOP were shite before, but now they are even shitier.

So what to do – they wail. Grab Paul Ryan, but he refuses. He is not a complete moron. Ha! Even Paulie knows that the Freedom Caucus will do him in and ruin his career.

Oh dear, oh dear. The GOP is rightly fucked. Old Boner himself will have to stay on until they sort this mess out.

Will Boner make a deal with the Democrats and grab any sorta moderate Republicans and try and salvage Congress. You’ll have to forget about the golf for a while, John. You will have to make a decision about those Tea Party extremists that Sarah Palin and other like-minded idiots foisted upon the world. Kick them out now.

Will Nancy Pelosi be returned as Speaker? She just might be if they want to save the GOP.


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13 Responses to So WTF Happens Now?

  1. 40Watt says:

    Gingrich Says He’d Consider Interim Speakership

    The barrel they’re scraping is apparently bottomless.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m popping popcorn!

  3. pvaz says:

    It would only take 30 Repub votes to put Pelosi back in the chair. Shit happens!

  4. vegaslib says:

    Lazy days? I never had a lazy day where I wore enough makeup to make the hookers cry. Jesus girl, trying to find another baby daddy much? lol

  5. Scarsdale says:

    Seems to be EVERY day is a “lazy day” for Bristles. Night time is the busy time, isn’t it? Trolling bars for any guy who has not already “dipped his wick” in there. Word is Joey Junker is engaged, planning a trip to Hawaii for himself and his fiancee soon. Doesn;t Bristles EVER get tired of giving it up for guys who are just biding their time until the REAL woman comes along, someone with higher morals than her? Surprised Junker found a woman willing to associate with him after the PayMe taint got on him. Maybe his contract to babysit Bristles ran out? What ever happened to Ben Barber and Gino Paoletti, I wonder? Are they still celebrating getting free from the grifting clan of PayMes?

  6. betsy smith says:

    Irishgirl, do you know what happened to Immoral Minority? It seems to have disappeared….

  7. MrsGunka says:

    She must be waiting for the nanny to get there, then she can go to the bar and she what she can pick up before she gets too big to waddle across the dance floor like she did on DWTS. Fall is in the air and the fruit is about to fall from the tree.

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