Stop The Lights -Sarah Palin Has Gone Pro Bono And Talks To The Waffle Iron

This appeared recently…

pro bonopro bono2

Our Sarah has gone all nasty over at FB. She is probably reeling from the constant instagram pics of Bristol’s 14th pregnancy. And no baby daddy in site [sic].

Hi Sarah, you do know that Matt Drudge is a closeted gay who refuses to give other people the same freedom that he has. Why is he hiding in the interview? Because he doesn’t want to be recognized – hard to cruise the gay bars if everyone knows you. You’ve gotta do opposition research girl.

For fucks sake, he gave an interview to Alex Jones!!! He is the foremost, bestest, conspiratorial lunatic on the intertoobs.  🙂

And I believe you have gone all pro bono now. Let the fools rush in. The last I heard, you were begging for dollars.

palin-money-mouthYou weren’t willing to give away your work for the public good then, and I’m a bit iffy about you now.

As regards Facebook, haven’t you realised yet that some of us logged onto your FB with fake accounts. That doesn’t mean we like you. Some of us did it three times until we got bored of it – so subtract me from your 5 million viewers.  😉

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…FB is probably giving you a hard time because they don’t believe anyone could write the verbal diarrhoea that seeps from your poisoned, and might I add, crooked mouth. They thought you were a Governor, not a hooker. Their bad.

Best wishes for your new illegitimate offspring. Bristol is looking blooming as always, and I mean always.

telepMaybe if you stopped talking to waffles, life would improve?

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7 Responses to Stop The Lights -Sarah Palin Has Gone Pro Bono And Talks To The Waffle Iron

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    It is late. And that was a poor effort. Sorry!!!! 🙂

  2. sallyinmi says:

    Wait. Didn’t Sarah launch her own very special fans only TV network? Oh, but she wanted them to pay for the privilege of having access to her in her PJs. A few minutes a month. With lots of repeated content. Sarah Sarah Sarah. There is an easy way to reach you fans. Use some of that postage from SARAHPAC and write a nice letter to each and every one of those five million. It will mean so much to them. And please, handwrite them. That should keep you busy for about three years. Face it, Sarah, you’ re too lazy to do anything but have someone write FB posts for you. Why don’t you hop a plane back to Alaska and make sure your grandkids and kids are actually in school. I hear they were playing hooky in Hawaii this week with your eldest daughter, who should know better.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    It was great! Too bad I can’t still understand word-salad but know it when I see it. Bless her heart!
    Is she going to be switching to word-waffle now?

  4. karen503 says:

    I love what Rachel Maddow called Kevin McCarthy’s problems with the English language: “word gumbo”.

  5. irishgirl999 says:

    Well, she has 72 comments on her post. I think even her fans were flummoxed.

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