Send In The Clowns – Update. McCarthy Has Dropped Out Of Race

Today is a big day in the House. The clowns are out in force.

This man can’t interpret a graph.


And not to be outdone.

km1km2km3km4This guy can’t even speak American.


Then you have Daniel Webster who is a nutter- a real right-wing extremist.

As Time notes:

And whomever is elected Speaker next faces a legislative schedule that is bound to outrage the Freedom Caucus: the debt ceiling must be raised by early November and likely nothing but a clean bill will pass the Senate; government funding for the next year must be passed by early December, lest the government shut down—and again any compromise that passes the Senate will not pass muster with House conservatives; plus a massive multi-year transportation bill funding critical infrastructure improvements that has stalled for years over funding-level arguments must pass before the end of December.

Get the conservatives angry enough over one or all of these measures and they may file another motion for the new speaker to vacate the chair. House Republicans, it seems, have begun a very elaborate, perilous, and somewhat embarrassing game of musical chairs.

Basically, the GOP has become so dysfunctional, we are now looking at what can only be described as a total clusterfuck.

sad2And one of them will be third in line to the presidency. If that doesn’t scare you, you’re made of sterner stuff than me.

Update: McCarthy has dropped out. NBCnews

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has abruptly pulled out of the race for Speaker of the House on the same day that he was widely expected to be nominated for the position.

The nominating contest in the GOP conference set for Thursday afternoon in the House has been postponed.

It was not immediately clear why McCarthy, who was viewed as the likely successor to outgoing speaker John Boehner, unexpectedly exited the contest. He told colleagues in a private conference meeting that he was not “the right person for the job,” according to members present.

Rep. Darrell Issa of California told reporters that “it’s my understanding that [McCarthy] felt he could not get to 218” votes, the threshold to elect a speaker in the full House vote that had been scheduled for October 29.

What next?!?

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12 Responses to Send In The Clowns – Update. McCarthy Has Dropped Out Of Race

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Call 911~ Houston, we have a big problem!

  2. titlewave says:

    “Basically, the GOP has become so dysfunctional, we are now looking at what can only be described as a total clusterfuck.”

    Which is effecting the rest of the government, which will then effect us. Trickled Down Clusterfuck.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Specifically, Webster has long history of collaborating with the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a ministry founded by Bill Gothard…. Webster’s speeches to Gothard’s group emphasized that “God is on his side and that God opposes his opponents,” even “attribut[ing] the fact that he has often run unopposed to God’s intervention as a result of these prayers.”

    Most controversially, Webster spoke at one IBLP event about the need for wives to submit to their husbands and for husbands to be the heads of their households, which, as Sarah Posner notes, is strongly in line with Gothard’s views about the dominance of male authority.

    More than you really want to know –

    Apparently, he prayed for a “hedge of thorns of protection” so that he would win reelection. I can only presume he is now putting one around his opponents in congress.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I knew he had the same version of home-schooling as the Duggars. If elected, he mightn’t be around for too long. The GOP are redistricting (gerrymandering) and he could lose out.

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    His official bio is a warm and fuzzy place, filled with mentions of his love of God and teaching Sunday School, and boasts of his six children and ten grandchildren. He also touches briefly on the fact that he and his wife homeschooled their children.

    But here’s what he doesn’t mention in that bio: He homeschooled his children with the same method used by the Duggar family. That would be the same Duggar family whose son allegedly molested his own sisters.

    The homeschooling method was designed by a minister who was also forced to leave the institute he founded because he was accused of sexually harassing and molesting several female employees. That same minister, Bill Gothard, vouched for Webster when he was labeled “Taliban Dan” by Alan Grayson, who he defeated in 2010. PolitiFact used Gothard’s defense of Webster to rate the attack “False.” The basis of Grayson’s attack came from a speech Webster made for Gothard’s organization, the Institute in Basic Life Principles, which believes a woman should submit to her husband.

    Webster is also a firm climate change denier, so much so that he signed a pledge with the Koch group Americans For Prosperity, which has rated him at 100% on their scorecard. In that pledge, Webster agreed to “oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.” (AFP also financed campaign ads for Webster against Grayson in 2010.) So his love of God doesn’t apply to saving the planet when it comes to profits for big oil.

  5. Scarsdale says:

    I read that one of the gop wrote anonymously, that he would expose McCarthy’s affair with a married female co worker if he did not drop out. Seems it has gone on for a while. Those “family values” republicans are a hoot, aren;t they? Boehner fools around on his wife also too.

  6. 40Watt says:

    “The last thing the GOP needs right now is Darrell Issa. So naturally, here he is” – running for Speaker.

    • Scarsdale says:

      “Issa the Pisser” misses being in the limelight on a daily basis, the way he was with the Benghazi fiasco. Maybe one of his esteemed colleagues will write to him, threatening to expose his car thefts and burning buildings down for the insurance money? Nah, EVERYONE knows all the details by now, Issa has nothing to worry about. Hard to find a decent person in this bible thumping, family values gop party. How about lumpy little Johnny McCain? Surprised he has not applied for the job, since he may be defeated at his next election in Arizona. Gingrich would consider it? After his last debacle? Unless McCarthys mistress will switch to Newt, that is not likely. Newt would do well to keep Calista off camera, she looked like a frozen faced zombie last time she appeared. Scary, looked like she was constantly in shock that she actually married the creep.

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