Sarah Palin Went To Utah

And nobody cared.

utahHell, the video doesn’t even work.

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14 Responses to Sarah Palin Went To Utah

  1. frettadafrog says:

    The video doesn’t work, and either does she.

      • frettadafrog says:

        Does it mean her 15 minutes are over? Yaaayy! Party time!!
        But wait, Barstool said her mom has all this POWER, and Hillary’s afraid of her, blah blah ad nauseam.
        The only power Sarah has is in that throwing arm of hers. She could give Jose Canseco a run for his money. You have to be real strong to dent stainless steel!

  2. frettadafrog says:

    Her refrigerator is stainless steel, and when she’s mad she throws stuff at it. I meant to add that.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    She wore her Belmont’s under a blue jacket and black slip…..had slit up the side and lace around the bottom. Had those fugly camo shoes with the zipper and flaps on the side with those knarly toes curled around and poking out the open toes. I think she had her fake buttocks on too. but the skirt/slip wasn’t as tight as last time. Oh, ya, she wore hose. Her hair was long, no bump-it and she thought she was sexy. The guy introducing her shook her hand and pulled up close and she gave him a hug. Think those old guys got a tickle up the leg. She looked like a 70 year old hooker! Think the sun is setting on the old faux filly. It just breaks my heart we won’t have her around anymore for our enjoyment. Old age ain’t pretty. I know! 🙂 Think Todd got out just in time.

    • Scarsdale says:

      Love the way she pivoted, then pageant walked to the podium. Has to show those peole what “sexy” looks like. I think they were stunned into silence. Such class, such grace and beauty – NOT. An old worn out shill trying to gain back her once upon a time celebrity. No growing old gracefully for $carah, no sir.

  4. View_From_Here says:

    I just Googled and saw the actual video. It just showed $creech but with no sound bites. She looked like she could have been trolling the hotel’s cocktail lounge, in that get-up. The one thing I picked up on from the organization’s spokesman is that they are there to help pregnant woman in their time of need, and to stress the THREE OPTIONS they have. The organization spends over $400,000 a year on the program. (whoop-de-do). They hope Sarah’s story will generate support (and enough for a bus ticket home).

    • sallyinmi says:

      You can bet that abortion is NOT an option. This is one of those religious Crisis Pregnancy places, and the options are grin and bear it, raise it alone, get married, or adopt it out. It’s way are they telling girls that abortion is an option, let alone helping them. They give them baby clothes, blankets, diapers, and formula.
      And Sarah was a sight. As always. Check out her airport selfie on IM. She is holding a sign that says “I am a Christian,” as is Dr. Ben in another shot. Pitiful. This is how they express sadness over senseless gun violence?

    • MrsGunka says:

      🙂 She could always hitch-hike with her flag shoes!

  5. Pearl says:

    Doesn’t that old cow have a house there? Same town as that Crazy Amy’s restaurant that was on Kitchen Nightmares? Oh no, wait. That was Scottsdale, Arizona. Never mind.

  6. lindak1961 says:

    The Palin Curse strikes again!

  7. Scarsdale says:

    The photo at the airport is really something. A group of people yards and yards away from her. Nobody looking for a photo or autograph. She looked like HELL, in a tank top, showing off her bony chest, and scrawny arms. Tights and tennis shoes. Bristles may be right, maybe people are afraid of her power since nobody wants to get near her. PayMe is a caricature of herself these days.

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