Carly Fiorina And Her Abortions

JasonChaffetz_zpsb6d81f4d (1)Sorry, someone had Wodger Wabbit in San Francisco once upon a time. Forget that.

Scott-WalkerFollically challenged

I don’t know who owns him…

Anyway, I read yesterday in the comments in The Washington Post that Carly Fiorina had two abortions when she was in college. So it must be true. And not one, but two! Imagine that.

What’s more, I have the videos that prove it. I’m not going to show anyone because it is horrifying, but I dare you all to look at them (if you can find them.)

And don’t you Chuck, Chuck, Chuck me. I’m looking out for the character of your nation. With no thanks, I might add.

Carly can be clearly heard, while cocking her head at a certain angle, ordering the abortionists to harvest under the eyes, the hair follicles and the pursed mouth of the fetii. Don’t believe me, well here is the proof.

cf1 copy


cf7Youse American Democrats are too nice. When you are in a battle, behave like the other side.

Just make shit up.

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4 Responses to Carly Fiorina And Her Abortions

  1. 40Watt says:

    Make it up, stand by it, double down on it and accuse everyone else of being haters.

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