Carly Fiorina Was For Abortion, Before She Was Against It

bad teethCourtesy of Addicting Info:

In 2013, Good360, a charity chaired by Carly Fiorina, gave $18,022 in goods to The Abortion Access Network of Arizona.

This isn’t some off-track charity using a clever name to circumvent a vetting process by a pro-life charity, this is a nationally renowned abortion provider using a name with “abortion” right in the title. Was Fiorina not in the loop? Was she not aware that there were donations from the charity she was chair of to abortion providers?

Chances are it’s much simpler than that. Chances are that in 2013, Fiorina didn’t know she’d be running for President. Had she known, she may have been smart enough to make sure nothing with the words “abortion,” “gun control,” “logic” or “reason” came anywhere near being associated with her. As it stands now, This so-called staunch opponent of abortion who would stop at nothing to throw anyone involved with Planned Parenthood in jail for murder is the winner of this election cycle’s “hypocrites to remember.”

Fancy that! It’s kinda of like the bridge to nowhere. 😉

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3 Responses to Carly Fiorina Was For Abortion, Before She Was Against It

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Too bad she’s not running as a Democrat, then this wouldn’t be a problem. And she could use reason and logic, provided she has any, while campaigning.

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