Sarah Palin Is The Yardstick For The GOP Clowns


Arianna Huffington believes that this is the beginning of the end for Trump. She thinks he has had his Sarah Palin moment.

There comes a moment in the political life of every big-personality, more-sizzle-than-steak candidate when they step across the line of legitimacy, or illegitimacy (depending on your perspective), even for media addicted to the high ratings these candidate-entertainers provide. That moment for Sarah Palin was her Katie Couric interview in 2008 — the hockey-mom-has-no-clothes revealing from which she, and the McCain campaign, never recovered. In Donald Trump’s candidacy — which The Huffington Post is appropriately covering in our Entertainment section — the equivalent moment might have just happened.

The moment was in New Hampshire when Trump was asked a question by a racist supporter. He didn’t respond as John McCain did seven years ago. Instead he punted the question. She wonders…

So when will the media be embarrassed enough to refuse to continue to give Trump the large megaphone they are giving him? Not because he’s the front-runner — come on, let’s stop pretending that’s the reason — but because of the ratings he fuels as the entertainer he undoubtedly is.

As Sarah Palin demonstrated, even the ratings-crazed media are capable of falling out of love with a big-ratings stunt candidate. With Trump, you can already see it happening. The cracks are beginning to show. And when the media fall out of love they fall out of love very quickly.

Now whether you agree with her about Trump, it’s interesting that she compares him to Palin.

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discussed Carly Fiorina’s belief that corporations  should decide whether or not women should receive six weeks paid maternity leave. (I mean in this day and age? I got three months paid maternity leave here in Ireland exactly twenty five years ago today. Happy Birthday son).

They state that the GOP’s war on women has not gone unnoticed and if the GOP think women are going to fall for them shoving Carly Fiorina on them, they must think women are buffoons. Once again the comparison to Sarah Palin was made. They said women saw straight through Palin.

If there’s one thing the Republicans have learned, it’s that the best way to push an anti-woman agenda is to use a woman’s voice to do it. The perfect woman for the job, in the GOP’s eyes, is
Carly Fiorina. And she’s already orchestrating her anti-woman crusade.

And now, apparently Ben Carson  said the following back in 2011…

[36:49] “How are flowers able to reproduce? Pollination. How does pollination occur? Bees and other creatures. Now according to evolution, plants came along before the bees. So how did the plants reproduce? … [37:41] … according to evolutionary model, you know we really came from an ameba. And amebas, they just like split and then there’s two amebas. So it seems to me like according to evolutionary model you do things that are efficient. So rather than going out and looking for a mate you would just divide, and then there would be two of you. …

Next thing you know, someone is going to remember that Sarah Palin thought that dinosaurs were frolicking around the meadows six thousand years ago.


This would be funny if it wasn’t terrifying.

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9 Responses to Sarah Palin Is The Yardstick For The GOP Clowns

  1. 40Watt says:

    For feck’s sake, I can’t even be bothered trying to be polite about this man, even though he is obviously intellectually challenged.

    Ben, ameobae have no brains. With that qualification in mind, I’m kind of surprised you can’t reproduce by splitting in two.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    If women vote for a candidate just because she’s a woman, Hillary Clinton would be more than halfway through her second term as POTUS. Many women voted for her in the primaries, but many did not. I’m one of them, but would have voted for her in general election in 2008 had she been the nominee. I voted for Obama – not because he’s black, or in spite of him being black, but because I thought he was the best candidate. gopers can’t wrap their minds around the fact that anyone would vote for a person of color or a woman because they think said person is the best candidate. They think that non-white males get votes because the voter identifies with the candidate because of skin color or certain body parts, or vote for the candidate out of guilt or political correctness.

  3. Pearl says:

    Sarah’s the apex of the Muttonhead Scale™.

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