Dirty Little Secrets In The British Government


[H/T to WCUIW at Politicalgates]

Courtesy of Lawrence Richards at The Leveller:

Whether or not it’s true, the Internet has decided for the time being that British Prime Minister David Cameron probably put his private parts into the mouth of a dead pig when he was at Oxford. The allegations have been made by extremely well-connected Establishment figures, former Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Lord (Michael) Ashcroft, and former Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott, and the story is published in the Daily Mail, which makes this the highest possible tier of character assassination in British politics.

Lawrence goes on to explain that the allegations were made because of revenge. Ashcroft sank millions into the Conservative Party and was promised a cushy job by Cameron. That didn’t happen and Ashcroft decided to get even. Lawrence believes the laughter from the British isn’t at the thought of  “a leader of a G8 country screwed a dead pig,” it is all about class.

When Cameron was at Oxford, he was a member of several secret societies of rich young men. The most famous of these is the Bullingdon Club, after which Yale’s infamous Skull and Bones is fashioned. The aim of the Bullingdon Club is ostensibly to dress up fancy with the chaps, get blind drunk at an expensive restaurant or private dining room, and trash the place – because they can afford to pay for the damages without doing a day’s work. Among their known initiation rites, they are said to have to burn a £50 bill in front of a homeless person.

These clubs and societies are all about team-building of the right wing. These privileged rich kids end up in the higher echelons of society – government, banks and the media.

Burning money in front of a homeless person isn’t just intended to be a nasty prank, it serves to train a Bullingdon boy’s senses, to make other humans seem somehow less. That David Cameron and his allies George Osborne and Boris Johnson have all done this, and that they have all presided over a sharp spike in homelessness in London and throughout the UK, are not coincidental. The MP who provided Lord Ashcroft with the details of the pig story attended one meeting of the expensive club but left in disgust because ‘it was all about despising poor people’.

So to then hear that the guy at the top of that pyramid was peer-pressured into putting his dick in a pig’s mouth or risk not being included in a club of nasty, entitled people, it creates a much more satisfying reaction than mere laughter. A figure of terror becomes a figure of ridicule…

While the Bullingdon Club was building their elite society around despising the poor, the Piers Gaverston club was building theirs around sexual humiliation and shared secrets. So one can just imagine when all of these guys get to the top of their respective ranks, the amount of subliminal blackmailing going on.

In this elite culture not all corruption is financial. When it comes to the top of British politics, sound character and a clean record do not make you an asset. You’ll have a hard time joining unless they can confirm that you are scum – and can make sure that the public don’t know about it.

It’s all about control.

And it is also the antithesis to the meritocracy they proclaim. Not just because it’s rich boys getting an easy ride to the top – we already knew that – but because David Cameron’s nasty little scandal speaks to a suspicion many people already have: that in British society, you don’t get to become Prime Minister because you’re talented or because you work hard. You don’t even get there just because you’re rich. You get there by traumatizing the homeless and skull-fucking a dead pig, and that ritual gives you power because you have demonstrated utter, pathetic submission to your fellow oligarchs.

That is why we’re laughing.

burning money

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3 Responses to Dirty Little Secrets In The British Government

  1. An over the top “it’s just how it is,” “we’ve always done it that way,” “boys will be boys,” blah blah blah. Followed by the victimhood of the perpetrator because they’re just doing what was done to them. It’s disgusting, unacceptable and needs to stop at every level. I can’t really believe that much of this wouldn’t be extinguish if it was a matriarchy, rather than a patriarchy, culture. From politics to military to fraternal societies to organized sports to religious groups – – – where doesn’t it creep in to contaminate. The building of a culture that unifies and demonstrates the values of kindness, compassion and caring seems to be a very long time coming on some days.

  2. 40Watt says:

    For many, their dirty little secrets stretch back to their early encounters in those bastions of British upper class white, male power and privilege, Eton, Harrow, Rugby etc., the private schools that shaped their psyches.

    By way of example: For generations of boys, sexual abuse was part of the everyday cruelty of boarding school. In this painfully honest report, writer Alex Renton confronts the demons of his past at Ashdown House, where some of Britain’s most powerful men were also educated – and reveals the scale of the outrage about to engulf the private education system.


    Warning: It’s a tough read, all the more so when you remember this is not an isolated case. With all the stuff coming out about pedophilia in Westminster and other institutions where the upper class rule, the historical sexual abuse at British prep schools is garnering more and more attention. Google Gordonstoun and sexual abuse. That’s the school Prince Philip and Prince Charles attended.

    Many of these men were groomed for power from the moment they were born – power without limit and little fear of reprisal.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Heard they just closed the Military Academy Trump attended. I bet there were some hair raising stories out of there. Bet ol’ Donnie laid awake at night dreaming up fun things to do to the under classmen. Have the feeling he had a few pranks pulled on him, just because….rich kids have trouble separating fun and torture of those below their station in life.

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