Breakfast In Ireland

My neighbour came in last weekend with this absolutely gorgeous looking apple pie. When I got up the following morning, I discovered my hungry men had demolished it.

I flew into a rage. Who the fuck ate the apple pie? It was hubby and he moved his ass out of the kitchen, pronto.

I am not alone.  My  neighbour tells me that she hides her cake in the dishwasher and under the settee.

That is all I am going to say about where I hide my cake.

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3 Responses to Breakfast In Ireland

  1. 40Watt says:

    I learned my lesson and quickly hid a newly baked pound cake in the freezer, behind some other items, when much to my dismay one night I heard, “Hey! Mom has cake in the freezer! Yeah! Let’s all eat cake!”

    I took my plight to Facebook and one of my diabolical fabulous followers said to hide it in an empty bag used for frozen vegetables.

    Genius! It worked!

    So in an effort for more deserving Mamas to have their cake and eat it too, I’ve come up with a six step simple process for having, hiding, and eating your cake -ALONE!

    Instructions here –

    I have it on good authority, it works for pies too. 😉

    • irishgirl999 says:

      What a brilliant idea. I’m going to do that. I loved some of the other suggestions in the comments too. Thanks Forty.

    • titlewave says:

      Ha I don’t feel so bad now! I have a killer sweet-tooth and I used to feel guilty whenever I hid a treat that I just didn’t want to share- especially since we work so hard to teach our kids to share- 😦
      (fess up if you ever made your kids share their Halloween treats with Mom..)

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