The Adorable Sarah Palin

Apparently she called black people dogs. Sic em, sic em.

One black man was led away by police. I wonder if he was fed up with the shite spewing from her crooked mouth. But, if you are blah or heavily tanned in the good old USA, expect to be exterminated.

Yep, bang, dead. No questions asked. Just shoot the fuckers. The old right wing will get on board and flood the internet with how old, dowdy, fornicating Kim Davis is their hero whilst spewing out of the other side of their assholes, that Democratic women are ugly.

And apparently they have Jesus on their side. So they say.

sweatAnd then you have the adorable Sarah Palin, who has a nose and nostrils that resemble men’s genitalia.

God made her sweat.

She is an expert at the cute grin while upping the ante. She is also fucking stupid. What else is fucking stupid is the American Media (Jake Tapper) who gives this retard airspace.

Just when President Obama rescued your country’s reputation, the Trump and the Bump are determined to sink you again.

End of rant. Must take Ali for a walk.

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12 Responses to The Adorable Sarah Palin

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    Sorry, one thing led to another. I did a Palin on it.

  2. Pearl says:

    OK irishgirl999, this will cheer you up. Her stupid books are selling for a whopping .01 American cent. Even a signed edition is only $2.84. LOL!

  3. I always hope that my family is a barometer of how others view Ms. SP. Since her quittal in July whenever, my family of 3 menfolk just roll their eyes that I take any seconds out of my life in giving two shites about her. (Is that the correct usage of the word?) The 60+ year old paid attention during the initial presidential race because of her looks, but his Democratic viewpoint overrode her physical packaging. The 20-somethings, especially my hockey goalie son, were never impressed. They long ago dismissed Ms SP and truly pay no attention to anything that has to do with her . . . she really no longer exists in their world. And I believe that that does hold true with so many more. She does continue to ramp me up with her divisive hatred and stupidity, also and too.

  4. MrsGunka says:

    Irishgirl, I just want to thank you for all you have done to expose this woman over these many years for what she really is. The GOP started this fiasco when they chose her to be a VP running mate to John McCain. That woman’s psychotic mind opened the door to this hateful rhetoric that is on display everywhere today. With the use of the internet and blogs like yours, her mental illness has been exposed when the MSM would not discuss her, except by comediennes. Today, this sickness by the GOP and their clown car, being led by the biggest narcissist, Donald Trump, including the Congress of the US, it is finally being talked about. It has become an international nightmare what that woman unleashed on this world. North Korean leaders almost seem normal in contrast to what we have cultivated in our country. Thank you again. May you and Ali have a wonderful walk. Wish I could walk with you both.

  5. irishgirl999 says:

    Thanks guys. It infuriates me that these bloviating assholes get media attention and are not slammed for their racist rhetoric. It is just disgusting.

  6. titlewave says:

    I took the dog comment as more of a slam at the president for having, in her mind, organized/hired the BLM people. Maybe I didn’t hear it right, and I have no doubt she is a smiling, holier- than- thou racist, but I think in this case it was just another blame Obama thing. After all, he IS the boogeyman, you know.

    I bet she didn’t even think about blacks= dogs, but I’ll also bet she’s thinking now of how she can pretend she did and take it further.

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