Mrs. Palin Goes To Washington

idiotDoes she have  any idea of what she looks like? Does she know that she doesn’t need a fur scarf in Washington at the moment? Does she realise that only teenagers wear pants festooned in zippers? Does she know that her lower lip is swollen? Does she pump up the Belmonts herself? Does she know that those glasses are horrendous? Does she know how awful that whole outfit is?

Does she know anything?

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14 Responses to Mrs. Palin Goes To Washington

  1. Her glasses do NOT make her look smart -they make her look OLD. So does her outfit. Re: her lower lip – her cold sore has recurred. She looks like she’s trying to be an old fashioned school marm…disgusting. Masquerading as a human being.
    Hi IG!! It’s Bandit

  2. 40Watt says:

    It is Washington DC, right? It’s 92F and will be 94F tomorrow. And what is that thing around her neck?

    Why do I keep thinking of the question shondi asked yesterday, “Did you ever notice how their pets disappear after they lose their usefulness?”

  3. lindak1961 says:

    After 6 days in jail, Kim Davis looks better than Quitter does right now. Maybe because Kim isn’t trying to look like a tramp, she’s just trying to look dowdy and succeeds. Better to look dowdy than to look trashy.

    BTW, Calgary Cruz was blocked from getting a publicity shot with Kim Davis today by one of Huckabee’s aides:

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Now that is funny! 🙂

    • Kim Davis is a slob. I’m sorry – she looks like an unmade bed (which apparently she has carried on her back in the past). She and her husband give me the willies – they look very much like married cousins. And I can’t tell if he has teeth from the picture. But I could hear banjos –
      Does Kim Davis not realize it is against the Law to marry her first cousin?

      Love to see Cruz on the downhill slide. In all honesty, he is a very very unlikable douchebag.

  4. No kidding?! What is with her wardrobe choice? How do you even pack this stuff in your suitcase in the summer ? To answer your question – she knows how to look ridiculous !

    • She always looks ridiculous – I can’t tell what she’s trying to look like – she makes $80K a year where the median annual salary must be about $25K or $30K. But she still evidently shops at a Tent and Awning store.

  5. crow says:

    “Does she know anything?”

    Oh yeah. Sarah knows about energy. She knows ALL about energy. Energy is her baby. She knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America. For real. She’s like totally qualified to run the Department of Energy. Not like that stupid-ass MIT nuclear physicist poser they’ve got running it now.

  6. sallyinmi says:

    She couldn’t even be bothered to take the ear buds out for the picture. Have we EVER seen her without one device in her hand? It’s like she is tied to those things for security. Someone myst have taken away her favorite teddy as a kid when she wouldn’t stop sucking her thumb.
    And yeah, that faux fur infinity scarf (or is that wolf fur, Sarah?) looks pretty stupid in September. I can hardly wait to see her makeup puddle on her collar this afternoon in DC. She wears a gallon and a half, and it’s going to be hot. We all know how swell Sarah looks sweating with no makeup.

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