Sarah Palin On State Of The Union – Updated

For those of you who may be interested. I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but according to the crowd over at C4P, she is angling for a position with the Dept. of Energy. Ya know, because she is an energy expert. 😉

Update: Here is a quick synopsis of her ramblings.

On President Obama and the restoration of the name Denali: Alaskans split on this. She has one niece called Denali and one called McKinley. They renamed the national park and that should have been enough. She bemoaned all of the time PO spent on the name change when he should be concentrating on the Middle East.

On climate change: It’s just due to cyclical weather changes and she won’t blame it on man’s footprint. Tapper tells her that the vast majority of climate scientists disagee with her.

climateOn Russia and China having ships in the area: Tapper asks what should BO have done. Instead of being on a tourism jaunt he should have a big stick instead of a selfie stick because other countries are sticking it to us. Putin is claiming American resources as his own and the USA is not even being represented. Hey man, Russia lost out – they sold AK and they don’t get it back. Putin and China are exerting power.

On Trump and the gotcha questions from Hugh Hewitt: She wants a tough president and not one that can win a game of Trivial Pursuit. The public doesn’t give a flying flip about this. She rambles on about changes in leaders in these areas and it is subjective too. Some won’t know but you need to know the price of a barrel of oil. You really need to know this.

On Jeb being criticized by Trump for speaking Spanish: Fumbling all over the place and a lot of stammering from Palin. Then the Hispanic population are great and have helped to build the USA. But they have to be here legally and speak American. It benefits Jeb to speak Spanish but the public don’t care.

On Nikki Haley’s statement that the GOP are cold and unwelcoming to minorities: She doesn’t agree. The Republicans and the Independents are the party of tolerance.

On Ohio banning abortions because of Down Syndrome: Extra chromosome, Trig, blah, blah, blah. When she was pregnant she had a diagnosis at 12 weeks. Devastating news, fear, different, unique. 90% of DS babies aborted because society tells the mother that she can’t cope.

On what advice she would give to Hillary Clinton if she were facing Joe Biden in a debate: Joe Biden she intimates sort of comes across as relaxed (doesn’t mean not serious – jab there at Joe). You would have to stick it to him and in that respect Hillary wouldn’t do well against Joe.

Finally, she would take a job as the Secretary of Energy and then dismantle the Dept of Energy and let the states take charge. And she knows all about energy and oil…

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23 Responses to Sarah Palin On State Of The Union – Updated

  1. Scarsdale says:

    ‘That voice is vomit inducing. How in the hell did SHE get invited on the show? Why wasn’t she asked about her latest grandkid, born out of wedlock?

  2. 40Watt says:

    I can’t watch the whole thing. I can’t.

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    Comment at Mediaite:

    hoopingandscooping • 16 minutes ago
    Riddle of the day.

    How many of Palin’s kids went to college?

    Give up?

    Zero. She went to enough colleges for all of them.

  4. Great post – – somehow totally missed this. As for Ms. SP, sometime there are just no words to express one’s unbelievability that this person could think, much less verbalize, what spews from her mouth. Hand gestures have to suffice.

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Quitter claims that Alaskans are split on the issue of restoring the mountain’s name to Denali. So it’s odd that no Alaskans have spoken out against it, except for Bristol, via Nancy, her ghostwriter. Quitter is just saying that to give cover to Bristol . Then Quitter fishes for a job in the tRump administration, and to no one’s surprise, will dismantle the Department she’s in charge of, so she will have an excuse to quit.

  6. ProfessorCanine says:

    ” speak American”
    What the actual fuck is she saying?
    Willfully ignorant bitch doesn’t know there were native people here before us white folk?
    Lemme help her out with the list:

  7. MrsGunka says:

    Hellsbells, that ding-bat can’t even speak American! Can you imagine the nightmare her Spanish and French teacher had with her in high school? Bet her English teacher quit after one year with her. I would also like to see her history grades! They probably passed her so they wouldn’t have to repeat another year with her! We had some slow-learners that they did that with, just to get them to 16 when they could drop out. Several dropped out in 8th grade when they turned 16 and too big to sit in the desks anymore. Wouldn’t you love the see the grade-points of some of those beauty queens? I’ve heard a few talk in word-salad during the pageant questions. But none of them went on to run for VP.

    • But Mrs G/ that would mean that she actually WENT to school. We know she went to Wasilla High school but there is a big difference between being a Mean Girl and Miss Wasyphillis and learning French and English. She obviously couldn’t do both … so there you have it.

      This is what claims to be educated.

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