Denali Denial From Sarah Palin And Her Ever Pregnant Daughter

the_bristol_palin_dancing_conspiracyBristol Palin (she of the multiple babbies) and her pal, old horse-face herself, Nancy French, have acquiesed to the shrill demands of the cowardly hooah from Wasilla and posted a screed about the President’s visit to Alaska.

And here it is, here to and forth…

Mr. President, Get Out of Alaska: You Have Bigger Mountains to Climb

President Obama is taking a trip to the Alaskan Arctic.

I wish we could add up how much this trip costs the tax payers dollars……….. They probably had to BARGE limousines here!!!!!!! They rented out an entire TOWER at our nicest hotel here? A TOWER!!!!!!!!!!

Shut down most of downtown Anchorage.. So many protesters here in Alaska this morning awaiting his arrival..  This is just a joke for us.. 

 I’m completely dumbfounded by his trip here. Why again?

And what does he seem most concerned about?  Renaming a mountain.

He announced yesterday that he will be renaming Mt. McKinley, Denali,  its “traditional Native American name.” But renaming a mountain is not going to make up for all the other ways he has let down the Alaskan people.

Why doesn’t he check out our oil fields? Why doesn’t he open our pipeline so we can supply our own natural gas instead of buying it from our enemies in the Middle East… This is just a joke… The next election can’t come any sooner 

The President should be worrying about the radical jihadists in ISIS who are gaining land and power everyday as they enslave, rape, and murder their way through the Middle East. He should be worrying about Pastor Saeed and the other Americans held hostage in Iran while we send billions of dollars to them in a horrible nuclear deal. He should be worrying about the economy, which still hasn’t fully recovered. You should be worrying about our broken immigration system.

The list goes on and on. But instead he worries about renaming a mountain.

Mr. President, stop playing political games and start doing your job.

That’s what Alaskans really care about.

By the way, no one is buying the “Denali is what the Alaskans have called it for years” line. I’ve never called the mountain Denali .. and neither does anyone I know … 

It’s Mt. Mckinley … It always has been and always will be to most of us…

What a waste.. 

Now what did I say yesterday? Lets have a trip down memory lane.

Sarah Palin, you  are some fecking sleaze-bag to send your poor pregnant, unwed, illiterate, drunken, brawling daughter to do your dirty work. You are a liar and a coward.


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9 Responses to Denali Denial From Sarah Palin And Her Ever Pregnant Daughter

  1. titlewave says:

    “a horrible nuclear deal”.. Is there anyone on this planet that believes she knows anything about that “deal”?

    Now this: “They probably had to BARGE limousines here!!!!!!!” she might know a little something about 🙂

  2. titlewave says:

    Welcome back, IG! (back here, not there because you’re over there now, not here..)

  3. For fucks sake! Presidents travel! When Pres. Obama comes to Chicago traffic is horrendous. Helicopters fly overhead and security is intense. The country has learned from past assassination attempts to protect our presidents security. Bristle, Mommie and Horseface are truly worthless.

  4. Pearl says:

    Haven’t had time to fully read this but already I’m outraged! I live in Alaska and EVERYONE calls our biggest mountain Denali. We don’t call it Mt. McKinley or Mt. Denali. It’s just referred to as Denali. I guess Sarah can’t stop thinking about McDonald’s McKinley Mac.

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Aww, come on, “haters,” give Brancy points for using so many exclamation points.

  6. titlewave says:

    I hope you use that photogenic pic of Sarah more often.. 🙂

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