Sarah Palin – Whoring Again For Attention

utSarah Palin has been working this week. All gussied up with new lipstick, new eyebrows, a new top with silver pine tree needles swinging softly in the breeze that had arisen from her word flatulence, Sarah was trying to be serious – I think. She really must be in need of a job. I only listened to a few minutes of her claptrap. She was boring. Obviously everyone else felt the same way because there was nothing about her interviews on the media.

ut2Different outfit. Same crooked mouth.

There is one thing Palin doesn’t like. And that is being ignored. So, upset with no publicity she set about to create some for herself. From her screechy page…

ut4ut5So Sarah brings up Mike Tyson’s comments about Glen Rice which were made back in 2011. WARNING – THEY WERE PRETTY ATROCIOUS.

Now why on earth would she dredge up that old dreck and her one night stand with Glen Rice?

Because she can once again paint herself as a victim.

Never mind the fact that she is wrong about Schilling’s tweet, she has made the news again!!! And that is all she wants. No one puts Sarah in a corner.


Once a whore, always a whore. How low can you go Sarah? 😉

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5 Responses to Sarah Palin – Whoring Again For Attention

  1. Pearl says:

    She wants us know someone actually wanted to have sex with her, you know, that one time.

  2. Ms Shits & Giggles says:

    Word flatulence!! Hahahahaha! *snort*

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