Losing Track Of The Days

Sitting down with a cold beer after 3 hours at the beach.

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5 Responses to Losing Track Of The Days

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    Yesterday we did the beach. Great waves! Then we made our way from Ocean beach to Pacific beach where my son teaches surfing. We are experts on the local bus system. Son gave his sister a lesson while I watched from the sidelines.
    We wandered around and had a look at the Taco Tuesday bars, thrift shops and grocery stores – I love grocery stores.
    By the time we got home, I was literally too tired to write a post.

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    The plan this morning was to find a bank and get a roll of quarters for the laundromat. The idea didn’t seem very appealing – spending time in a laundromat. So I said to daughter, what exactly have you run out of. We decided to put a little bit of water into the bath tub. I used shampoo and washing up liquid (needs must) and gave the offending items an old fashioned hand wash. The t-shirts were dry in minutes in the sun. We currently have garments from Victoria’s Secrets hanging from strategic places all over our little cottage and they are sparkling! Much better tha wasting time in a laundromat.
    Son is due to call soon and we are going to the farmers market. Life is good.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall! 🙂 Surprised there is enough produce to still have a Farmers Market with the drought.

  4. pvaz says:

    I remember you saying: You blew your budget on day 3, does that help.

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