Planned Parenthood Cruising The Streets Looking For Black Pregnant Women And Baby Parts – According To Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is doing a Trump on it and is trying to be as outrageous as she possibly can in order to garner some attention. She tweeted the following:

ppAnd that got her on The Factor with Bill O’Reilly.

Palin, sporting a very Trumpish combover, tried to justify why she had tweeted these symbols. It’s all political correctness absurdity according to greasy lips. Why should people be concerned with an old flag and not the poor black babies that are being butchered and having their baby parts sold.

pp1Bill wonders why she zeroed in on black babies (Bristol)??? Ah that’s easy – people are paying more attention to the flag and Cecil the lion. It makes perfect sense. To her.

pp2Bill believes that more black babies are aborted due to poverty. Sarah disagrees vehemently. It is all to do with Planned Parenthood finding targets. And those targets are “those who would be disadvantaged in some ways.” (Like being poor)? Eighty percent of PP “shops” are set up in minority neighbourhoods.

pp4 finishig her pointAnd she’s gonna finish her point…god damn it.

pp5PP are making women “fill” that they are not capable of giving their babies life. Yup, PP are cruising the streets looking for black, pregnant women and urging them to have abortions.

Bill asks her why she believes they are targeting minorities. Three times he asks her!


Deer in the headlights stare

Her answer…too many people are deceived by PP. Even the President supports PP. PP are a bogus business and they are in it to make money. (Like SarahPAC)? PP is not needed according to this buffoon.

pp7-whyShut it down!!!!! Shut it down so that these people won’t get any contraception or healthcare and we’ll have black babies everywhere. Sarah Palin is very concerned about all black babies dontcha know.

I know who needs to be shut down and it ain’t PP.

Sarah never does answer why minorities are being targeted. Maybe black baby parts are worth more? Still no mention of Bristol’s fourth babby…

And Trump wants this woman in his cabinet!

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10 Responses to Planned Parenthood Cruising The Streets Looking For Black Pregnant Women And Baby Parts – According To Sarah Palin

  1. Dusty says:

    She is ‘special’ isn’t she….said in my best SNL Dana Carvy Church Lady voice. LOL

  2. Scarsdale says:

    Well, if $carah is right, then PP is slipping on their job. Every single day, I watch mainly black women on Maury Povich show, having guys DNA tested, trying to find their babydaddy. One woman has had 8 tested so far, still no match. She is the black equivalent of Bristles PayMe, I think. I wonder if Bristles will go there to did the daddy of her latest? Plenty of white girls are searching also, too.

  3. Eli says:

    Sarah Palin’s facial features were devoid of any emotion (frozen) oh, but thank heavens, someone drew a pair angry eyebrows on her with a their sharpie pen!

  4. uberduck says:

    Even overlooking the fact that Planned Parenthood is so much more than abortions…. No wait, I can’t overlook that fact. It’s an overwhelming huge fact. But even if I somehow manage to … ouch! No, I just can’t. How can anyone look at that organization and all they do to keep women healthy and PREVENT UNWANTED PREGNANCIES say that they’re out there trolling for poor, ignorant, black women to seduce them in for abortions?? Is there anyone out there who can really (rationally) think that PP would not be absolutely THRILLED to close down all of their abortion services due to a true lack of need. And by that I mean a TRUE lack of need – not lack of access, fear of harassment, inaffordability, or religious brain-washing.

    Wow. Hit a nerve there, I think. It’s my birthday today, and I think I’ll write an extra check to Planned Parenthood, to thank them for ALL they’ve done, for so many women. Myself included.

  5. titlewave says:

    “cruising the streets and looking for Black pregnant women and their baby parts”

    Well, obviously you’ve never seen Soylent Green, IG.

    (Happy B Day, Uberduck! I donate to PP also)

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