America Revises Its History – It Got Rid Of The Bad Bits

flagCourtesy of Huffpo:

After facing months of intense scrutiny over a new Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) course outline that some conservatives perceived as containing anti-American biases, the College Board released a new framework for the class Thursday morning. This structure places more of an emphasis on concepts surrounding American national identity, the country’s founding leaders and documents and the effective role of free enterprise in U.S. history…

In other words, the conservatives didn’t like their history.

After deciding to redesign the course in 2006, the College Board released a new course outline last year that hit classrooms in the fall. It was designed by a committee of professors and teachers, and generated controversy from critics who said it took an overly critical approach to teaching American history.

In other words, the conservatives didn’t like their history.

The 2015 framework released Thursday directly responds to the fears of critics. As opposed to last year’s framework, it explicitly mentions the concept of American exceptionalism

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and emphasizes the names and roles of the founding fathers. Although this year’s framework highlights America’s positive influence on world, like its role in ending the Cold War, it includes about the same number of references to slavery as last year’s.

“Every statement in the 2015 edition has been examined with great care based on the historical record and the principled feedback the College Board received. The result is a clearer and more balanced approach to the teaching of American history that remains faithful to the requirements that colleges and universities set for academic credit. The new edition has been embraced by educators, including AP U.S. History teachers who reviewed it at the recent AP Annual Conference,” a statement from the College Board reads.

Oh yeah. And Michael Collins was shot by a black man with a semi-automatic in West Cork. Eamon de Valera was really a ballerina. The Titanic never sank.

I’m beginning to despair.

From the Huffpo comments:

John Krobar ·

Says who? You? History is what we want it to be and I want my country portrayed in a positive light in history books.

[H/T to Cheeriogirl at Politicalgates]

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3 Responses to America Revises Its History – It Got Rid Of The Bad Bits

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Orwell lives!

  2. 40Watt says:

    Not having been educated in the US, I was taught that American Exceptionalism was a term employed by Marxist theorists referring to America’s failure to develop a strong Socialist movement. However, the concept of American Exceptionalism is fluid, meaning different things to different people through the years.

    Capitalism should lead to class conflict and eventually to a revolution and socialism, these Marxists argued, but America was an exception to this rule. Alpers points out that it was the neoconservative interventionist foreign policy of the 1990s and the two Bush administrations that prompted folks on the right to claim American exceptionalism as its own.

    Lurking in the background of this unilateralist approach to foreign policy was the older meaning of American exceptionalism, though of course spun positively and shorn of its Marxism: America could have an exceptionalist foreign policy because it was different from other nations. And not only different, but superior. Although in the strictly Marxist usage “exceptionalism” only referred to a way in which the U.S. was different from, rather than superior to, other countries, the long history of American beliefs in U.S. superiority could easily be retroactively attached to the concept.

    And so it goes.

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