Sarah Palin – Let’s All Be Friends – With A Knife In One Hand

alg-trump-palin-2-jpgOur high-class hooker tried to straddle the fence, but it really didn’t come out right.

I have the good fortune of knowing both John McCain and Donald Trump well. I thought she had pizza with him once?Both men have more in common than the today’s media hype would have you believe. Both blazed trails in their careers and love our great nation. Sen. McCain dedicated his life to serving our country, and in my humble opinion the sacrifices made by all ethical service members are heroic (dig at Dakota) – putting it all on the line to defend freedom IS heroic – and Donald Trump is a hero in another arena. Trump is the candidate giving voice to untold millions of fed-up Americans witnessing a purposeful destruction of our economy and the equal opportunity for success that made America exceptional. (You’re talking shit woman). We’re watching career politicians throw away our kids’ future (You should have thought about that before you shoved abstinence down Bristol’s throat) through bankrupting public budgets and ripping open our porous borders which, obvious to all us non-politicians, puts us at great risk. Everywhere I go, hard-working patriotic Americans – not “crazies” or “whacko birds” – ask me to pass on to Mr. Trump encouragement to keep educating the masses about true ramifications of illegal immigration, and in general the real state of our union. (Endorsement for Donald Trump!!!) I encourage both leaders to resolve the media driven wedge between them, and we can keep the debate focused on significant issues at hand. I leave politics of personal destruction to those on the Left (have you read your FB page recently?) and lazy media lapdogs whose only take away from any debate is any salacious slip-up, as if they’ve never wanted to restate something they’ve publicly uttered. (Yes, I believed Bristol had a salacious slip-up too, recently and then she changed her mind about her little disappointment). I’ll fight the exhausting, divisive strategy that’s taken hold under the current crop of politicians who refuse to allow our United States to unite. Both Mr. Trump and Sen. McCain can contribute their gifts and talents to join that fight to work together, because the Left is headed the other direction, and under their desired division we will fall. (Ah shut your pie hole. You were too exhausted to even pay attention to your TV channel -cough, cough.)

– Sarah Palin

Palin barely mentions McCain and Geoffrey Dunn has also noticed Palin’s support for Trump and the crazies.

Leave it to the quitter governor Sarah Palin — she of the continued snake-oil peddlingin American politics — to pretend to come down in the middle of what is a very real and ugly schism in the Republican Party fueled by Donald Trump’s shameful attack on former GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

It’s another Palin con job: She’s nowhere in the middle of the road on this one; she’s in a ditch somewhere to the right side of demagoguery — clearly siding with Trump and chastising McCain for his criticisms of Trump and those who support his racist rhetoric.

…The reference to “porous borders” represents a direct volley at McCain and an allegiance with Trump on the immigration issue — and Trump’s racist remarks about Mexicans — that originally initiated tensions between El Donaldo and the Arizona Senator last week.

…The reference to “crazies” and “wacko birds” was a direct attack on McCain — the man who thrust her into international celebrity seven years ago — and who Palin first betrayed on the campaign trail little more than a month later. If Sarah Palin has been consistent about anything, it’s that she’s been a backstab artist her entire political career.

For those of us who were critical from the get-go of McCain’s selection of Palin as his running mate seven years ago, there’s more than a little irony about the defecation storm in which he now finds himself. Palin was the first national politician since George Wallace to give body to the dark, underbelly of the American right. Once she betrayed McCain and went rogue on his campaign in October of 2008 (a fact that McCain to this day has failed to acknowledge), she unleashed the politics of anger, racism and violence into mainstream American presidential politics.

It’s been a dark and ugly trail ever since.

I like Geoffrey Dunn and it is time McCain threw Sarah Palin to the wolves. He’d deserve his hero status then.

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8 Responses to Sarah Palin – Let’s All Be Friends – With A Knife In One Hand

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Great post IG.

    BTW, Quitter’s hero, tRump, gave out Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number during a speech right here in SC today.

  2. uberduck says:

    What a piece of work.

  3. PalinsHoax says:

    Looks like Trump brought out the best cutlery for his guest. Nothing says “Classy” like black plastic forks and knives!

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