The D’Unbelievables are a comedy act here in Ireland. Fortunately, for the Dems, the D’Unbelievables are a real thing in that exceptional US of A.

donald-trumpAlso and too,


attends the SEAL-NSW family foundation 2nd annual dinner gala at USS Iowa on May 16, 2015 in San Pedro, California.

Foot rot.

The GOP, I am glad to see, have roped in their brightest and their best.

God help me, I have been laughing all week at the damage the *Donald* has been doing. If Scott Walker thinks he has a chance – talk me down. I hate that fecker.

And yeastly and lastly, we arrive at the doorsteps of the most virginized, religious family in Amerika.

puppy parts

Come out you f_cking coward and stop hiding behind your children. Bring it on, Sarah. We are all agog.

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4 Responses to D’Unbelievables

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    And that made about as much sense as Sarah Palin’s latest FB rant! 🙂

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