Scott Walker – A Blight On Wisconsin

Scott Walker shrugs

In a fawning article in the NYTs, Walker is portrayed as a “strategist.” I was sort of gobsmacked that they would sell this lunatic to the public, but then I remembered the despicable piece they did on the tragedy in Berkeley a few weeks ago involving the deaths and horrific injuries caused to Irish students because someone didn’t follow building regulations.

The NYTs has sunk in my estimation and I think their readers agree. I read through most of the comments and didn’t find one that applauded the actions of the Governor of WI. In fact, most of the comments pointed to the fact that Walker basically lied to his constituents. And he got elected again. And then did an about-turn.

No one seems to like him, so how in hell did he get elected again? Redistricting and outright fiddling with the votes springs to mind. Remember that Kathy someone or rather who was caught in the act. Whatever happened to her?

Well, according to Politicususa

In a move designed to turn the clock in Wisconsin back to the 19th Century, Scott Walker and Republicans in the state legislature have included a provision in the budget that takes away a worker’s right to the weekend off.

Wisconsin Republicans used the 4th of July holiday weekend tosneak provisions into the state budget that destroy open records laws, eliminate the state’s definition of a living wage, and make the activities of the legislature secret.

Republicans also included a provision titled Section 56 that would take away workers’ rights to a weekend, and weekend, even one day.

Just how do you stop this? Is the GOP base so stupid that they would vote to take away their weekends? I am at a loss here.

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