Willow Palin Turns 21

Sarah Palin wished her daughter Willow and someone called Doug a Happy Birthday greeting on her FB page yesterday.

Congratulations to Team USA for their amazing Women’s World Cup victory! #FightLikeAGirl

And on this great celebratory day, Happy Birthday to two very special people in this picture. Not wanting any spotlight, guess I won’t I.D. them… but we can wish Willow and Doug the very best on their shared birthday!

– Sarah Palin

dorkThat was it. Willow actually celebrated her 21st birthday which is kind of a big deal. In this photo one could be forgiven for not even recognizing Willow. Once again, it is all about Sarah. And she is so stupid, she can’t even see that she looks like an absolute dork in that picture.

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11 Responses to Willow Palin Turns 21

  1. 40Watt says:

    For a woman who does very peculiar things, this is off the charts.

  2. MrsGunka says:

    Looks like total strangers. Is she that out of it she thought we would never know. She must have really tied one on this weekend. Do you think she has realized what an ass she made of herself by quitting over the 4th weekend? Nobody will remember, right? Can’t wait to find out what drove her to it. Must have been a game-changer extraordinaire! Dead fish!

  3. 40Watt says:

    Yet she has no trouble finding a decent photo of Nancy Reagan and wishing her Happy Birthday.


  4. pvaz says:

    I don’t think Nancy gives a fuck for Palins birthday wish. Especially, after she pissed on Ronnie’s grave in 2009.

  5. Gotta say, IG, that your use of ‘dork’ surprised me. In my world, it’s a word that’s teasingly, but somewhat lovingly, used to comment on someone’s appearance – – – i.e. a kind putdown. Not even said with venom or spit, in my experience. About a 1.5 on the FU scale.

    Her choice of captions is somewhat telling, as it’s the ‘cat that ate the canary’ face again . . . No serious face for Ms. SP either going or coming from addressing a student body. She pulled a fast one, yes she did, you betcha ! Paid gig, little to no prep time, brought her entourage, didn’t have to dress up, tossed word salad, she’s outta there. I’d rachet up from dork to at least “she’s some piece of work” typed with a sneer.

  6. Scarsdale says:

    Looks like someone gave her a tee shirt. Hint to cover up that mottled sunken chest?? Let her know what CLEAN clothes smell like? Those black jeans need a rest and a washing. Kinda like $carah;s wigs.

  7. June says:

    Sarah wishes her daughter happy birthday but fails to post a nice picture of her? Perhaps Willow is not her favorite child.

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