Sweet Jesus – As My Auntie May Would Say

It was a very wet Sunday morning here in Dublin.

_MG_0219There is rain there somewhere, and also and too we had thunder!!!

I woke up this morning and I was starving. I said to hubby – let’s go down to the pub for some lunch. He said “Ok, but I have to go to the gym first. I won’t be long.”

………………………………… (that signifies a long time)

By the time he returned, I had gnawed one arm off and was eyeing Ali (the dog) and wondering what sort of spices would ease the pain of eating my pet.

So we eventually went out to lunch. I had a smoked salmon open sandwich and hubby had a salmon dinner with peas, roast potatoes and various things that looked sublime.

I’m not a big woman and usually have a small appetite but there was no feeding me today. I came home and immediately baked a chocolate cake. I’m letting it cool at the moment and then I’m going to smother it in double cream and raspberries (which are abundant in our garden).

I checked my emails. My poor daughter who is in Spain at the moment has the host mum from hell. She calls her Satan. Well, she will appreciate me when she returns next week!

Then I moseyed on over to Politicalgates to catch up on the news. And this is what greeted me…


To add to my distress, Regina at What Time Is O’Clock found a grasshopper in her fridge and later discovered one of his legs on the floor.


And I am hearing rumours that the magnificent Sarah Palin Channel is now FREE!!!!!! Or it will be in August.

My Sunday so far. And it ain’t over yet.


I took Ali out for a walk because I was afraid I would eat her. Crippled son is also hungry and has gone to McDonalds. I put in an order for two hamburgers. I am not a McDonald’s fan but I am still starving. To take my mind off food, I grabbed my camera and went out the back.

_MG_0223My dog food plant!

_MG_0232My chillies!!!

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18 Responses to Sweet Jesus – As My Auntie May Would Say

  1. I’m working on the Sunday NY Times Crossword – – always a week delayed in my paper. This week’s Title is “Getting in the final word” – – and I can’t quite figure out the trick. BUT, couldn’t believe these clues . . . 90 Down – Bristol, for one (PALIN) . . The N of Palin is the N of 114 Across (TOWN DRUNK). Clue 101 Across – With 90-Down, reacting to a gut punch, perhaps (DOUBLED OVER) HaHa – – not good when you’re ridiculed in a crossword puzzle. Of course, there is NO chance that the Palins will ever know this even exists . . . they don’t know the meaning to enough big words. (I am struggling with this particular puzzle. Might need to just use the cheat sheet.)

    On a weather note, HotHotHot in the Pacific NW and unseasonably so. I wish we had rain and there is none in sight for the next week. Can’t tell me there’s no climate change ! My lawn is straw – no watering here. We had little mountain snow this winter and lakes/rivers are low.

    I live in a small rather dense area of homes in an unincorporated part of my county that borders Puget Sound – – there is no fireworks ban here, so all the folks from areas around come to my neighborhood to blow up everything under the sun. Fireworks (mortars, displays, you name it) went off from 9 AM to after midnight. At 11:30 -sh PM, firetrucks came to a home down slope of us, followed a bit later by a medivac helicopter that set down at a small local park. Adult male fireworks injury that took the person to Seattle’s major trauma Center. Fireworks – – really don’t understand them and the ‘I have freedom to light them off if I damn well want to’ mentality. Very sorry, however, for the tragedy that this family is experiencing, however.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Ha, the crossword sounds fun! I love to hear how other people spend their Sundays.

      • LOL – – finally figured out the gist of the crossword. 2 crossing words make a phrase when the common letter is deleted. 101 DOUBLED OVER has 90 PALIN crossing at the ‘L’ i.e. Doubled over ‘in’ Pain Puzzle name was Getting in the final word. Still think it’s no coincidence that Palin ended in the word TownDrunk, also and two.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        That makes complete sense. 🙂

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    I should probably go to bed now.

  3. pvaz says:

    Regina’s on this really weird diet

  4. pvaz says:

    Is the MOH guy, gonna piss on the flag?

  5. pvaz says:

    You slept in?

  6. irishgirl999 says:

    He is gonna wet his pants soon.

  7. Pete says:

    Hey Irishgirl, how’s it going? Hope you’re staying dry! FYI, the Sarah Palin Channel isn’t free in August, the channel will cease to exist beginning August 1st!! I’m guessing the network owners, TAPP, weren’t very happy with their investment and decided to pull the plug before they lost any more money. When they originally signed Sarah Palin they probably thought they had the next subscription “gold mine” on their hands and they would be raking in the money. Unfortunately once Sarah signed on to host and she got her big fat paycheck she didn’t feel like producing the video content to keep the channel interesting. No new subscribers means Tapp loses money, so they yanked her channel. They aren’t going to keep paying Sarah if her channel isn’t bringing them money.

    They cleverly worded the closing announcement so it doesn’t reflect poorly on anyone. Her content will be free on her Facebook page and at Sarahpac.com (the same dame place her stupid content has always been free!!) She failed to produce new content and bring in new subscribers so TAPP parted ways with Palin! LMAO!! She’s only got Amazing America now, pretty soon and she won’t be on any network at all!! Buh Bye bitch!!

  8. MrsGunka says:

    Are those palm trees in your backyard? In Ireland? It looks like a tropical island in Paradise!

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Hi MrsG. They are Cordylines. I think they originated in Hawaii. The little feckers were tiny at first and then started outgrowing the pots. I planted them in the garden and they took off. I love them.

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