David French Tries To Horseshit His Way Out Of His Association With The Palins And His Wife’s Ghosting Of Bristol Palin’s Blog

liarsHonestly, it is only in the USA that this pair of sanctimonious grifters would get away with their shite. If they lived in Ireland, they would have been called out long ago. We don’t like hypocrites and we don’t suffer fools gladly. We do have our politicians to deal with, but that is another story, best left for a rainy day. 😉

David French, husband of the horse-faced Nancy, wrote this article recently…(bolding is mine.)

Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy Reveals the Left’s True Colors

Let me begin by clearly stating my biases — I like the Palins. They are dear family friends. My wife, Nancy, worked with Sarah on her most recent book, she worked with Bristol on her book, she edits Bristol’s blog on Patheos, and I represented Bristol in a lawsuit — when a man sued her after he profanely accosted her at a bar. (He lost.) In the years since my wife first flew to Wasilla to meet the Palins and work with Bristol, I’ve seen just a fraction of the non-stop hatred and vitriol directed at the family.

No, David. Your horse-faced wife writes the blog. Bristol at her most eloquent can manage to string about five words together, maybe a few more. They go something along the lines of “$300 sunglasses, fuckity fuck, beer, lipstick, Oh shit I am pregnant agin.”

Well David, I also must say, if the Palins are your idea of good friends, God (your false Messiah) help you. The Palins are nothing but a crowd of white trash, drunken bullies, high on their past powers of intimidation.

I have met and corresponded with Alaskans. They paint a very different picture to the Van Gogh that you are trying to sell.


No, David. It ain’t all sunflowers and churchy stuff up in Alaaaasskka. Your friendly bunch of heathens have ruined and destroyed peoples’ lives. I know exactly what they did to some people – and it ain’t pretty.

Take this bullshit for instance…

Remember how it’s beyond the pale to joke about violence against women? Yet when taped evidence emerged that Bristol was physically beaten at a party and dragged through the mud by her attacker, CNN’s Carol Costello called the police recording of a hysterically crying Bristol “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across” and urged readers to “sit back and enjoy.”

No such taped evidence emerged. The evidence that did emerge revealed the drunken Palin women and men to have crashed a party and caused a brawl. Just because the Palins decide to rewrite history, doesn’t make it so. You would need to be a special brand of stupid to have listened to those tapes and then decided that the Palins were the victims.

Fuck you and your false Christianity. Stop hiding behind your god. I know God, you don’t have the rights on her. She thinks you and your wife are lying wankers. You would both fuck anything for a dollar.

Your horse-faced wife’s dirty fingerprints are all over Bristol Palin’s pathetic blog, so give it up.

kao2You right-wing Christians are disgusting. The whole damn lot of you are nothing but whores.

flagYou are liars, pedophiles and sluts.

The Christian experience so often means trying, failing, and repenting. We don’t all fail in the same ways, but we all fail. Sometimes, we even fail to try. The grace of God gives us not just the humility to acknowledge failure and disappointment but also the resolve to face an uncertain or intimidating future. I’ve admired Bristol and the rest of her family for enduring hatred I can’t imagine confronting in my own life, and I’ve appreciated Bristol’s longstanding willingness to publicly and honestly own up to her own failings.

No David, that just won’t wash. And now I am going to take a shower to remove the stench of your fraudulent, religious bullshit.

And my God agrees with me!

One final point – at least I write my own blog and I can categorically state that I gave birth to my children.

And I know a good orthodontist. 🙂

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23 Responses to David French Tries To Horseshit His Way Out Of His Association With The Palins And His Wife’s Ghosting Of Bristol Palin’s Blog

  1. 40Watt says:

    Well said, my friend!

  2. tim holder says:

    love it!

  3. AnnetteK says:

    I noticed Donald Trump retweeted the odious David French last night. It’s like a little clique of shiteheads.

  4. MistyDew says:

    Well put Irishgirl! All the bleach can’t clean these fux Christians.

  5. All of my comments on that post were deleted yesterday; no foul language, no threats, nothing abusive. I guess I really hit a nerve (and yes – I noted your December 20, 2012 post proving Nancy is the AUTHOR of Bristol’s Blog – not just the editor).

  6. 40Watt says:

    There’s an amusing comment on an article by Ed Kilgore, re. French’s use of “the Left”.

    We prefer to be called “The liberal progressive marxist fascist Alinskyite leftists”, preferably in all caps.


    Maybe LPMFAL would do it?

  7. 40Watt says:

    Oh! I nearly forgot. Happy Palin Resignation Day!

    • MrsGunka says:

      The best part of the video was the ducks laughing at her on the water! I think I will fly my flag today – Quitters Day! I sure hope she jumps in the clown car today! Woo-hoo! Too bad there’s not enuf room on Christy’s lap to do a lap dance! That would put some rosie in his cheeks!
      Love the post! They are a pathetic couple. Willing to lie for money – true Tea-baggers! He kinda reminds me of the guy who took over the Benghazi investigations – “Dueling Banjos” – Trey Gowdy(sp)? 🙂

  8. pvaz says:

    So true, Irish. You make me laugh.

  9. irishgirl999 says:

    I don’t believe it. Nancy French has put her husband’s article on Bristol’s blog! They must think we are complete *morans.*

  10. MsShits&Giggles says:

    Hysterical!! Thank you for a wonderfully written takedown!

  11. Pete says:

    I just posted a comment about his article over at the National Review. I doubt it will stay up very long over there so I’m going to cut and past it here if that’s okay with you Irishgirl. This was my comment…

    “By stating his biases up front, David French has admitted that he is incapable of considering the possible merits of alternative points of view. His recounting of how the Palin’s were treated couldn’t possibly be considered “spot on” as Tony B. stated in his comment because French was unable to view the evidence impartially. His words don’t have merit due to his admission of personal bias and also due to the fact that his post was a rehash of another article he had previously written last year entitled, “What the Vile Treatment of Bristol Palin Teaches Us (Once Again).” That article which was written by David French in 2014 starts off stating, “Let me begin by plainly stating my biases. I like and admire the Palins.” He started the above article exactly the same way but he changed the word “plainly” to “clearly” and that was the only difference. The similarities in the opening paragraphs of these two articles is mind boggling. I find his laziness to be an insult. If I were on the Left or a Palin fan I would find it extremely insulting because David French wasn’t just biased, he already had an agenda. He simply expanded on his original article, attempting to unjustly vilify the Left while placating Palin fans by painting the Palins as innocent victims once again.

    The truth is Bristol did not practice what she preached. So whether you are Left, Right, or Center calling Bristol out on her hypocrisy was justified. She certainly wasn’t attacked by the Left over this pregnancy. The Left never said she should have an abortion nor did they care that she was still single. Gawker pointed out that Bristol’s blog post made a great argument for abortion because she didn’t seem happy about her pregnancy. Gawker made a valid point, however Gawker isn’t the Left. Any celebrity or public figure is fair game to Gawker. It’s also unfair to use the term Left because it’s the conservative Right or Christians who are critical of women who have premarital sex or women who have children out of wedlock. David French knows that’s the truth. However he’s biased and the truth doesn’t fit with his agenda. He can’t recognize the truth so he doesn’t tell it like it is. He follows the same old false narrative that he has always known, vilifying the Left while portraying the Palins as the victims. He obviously doesn’t think very much of the intelligence of his readers. I think it’s unethical for David French to interject his biased opinion on the subject considering his wife was the person responsible for “editing” Bristol’s criticized blog posts. It’s one thing to want to defend your wife but he shouldn’t have unjustly vilified the Left because of one article that appeared on a non partisan website!”

    I predict they will remove my comment and if they don’t you can bet I will receive a shit load of “down” votes from the other commenters. LMAO!

    • Pete, I’ve forwarded your comment to Wonkette. The fact that David French is being paid for two separate National Review articles, but effectively writing only one, and then allowing wife Nancy to recycle the same article on Bristol’s blog is amazing.

      • Moles says:

        Look at it this way, somewhere in the world two other people have had the most miraculous escape.

      • Pete says:

        My comment on discus was already removed within the hour, however, it wasn’t removed before I received two colorful responses, the first was “@troll” and the second was “F.O. @troll.” So one person called me a troll and the other person called me a troll and told me to “F_ck off.” You gotta love those hypocrites, they always accuse the Left of attacking and smearing others but they didn’t even bother responding to my comment, the responded by attacking me personally, calling me names and telling me to fuck off!! Palin fans really are the lowest form of life on the planet! They are too stupid to know just how dumb they really are! LMAO!

        Is it possible for an author to plagiarize himself? If so then David French is guilty of Plagiarism because he lifted a lot of the text right out of the first article he wrote in October 2014. I’m not sure my comment will be helpful to the people at Wonkette, but you never know, they are incredibly clever so if anyone can figure out a way to rake David French over the coals for his lazily written article it would definitely be them. Thanks for your reply!

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Pete, it is only the moderators over there now agreeing with each other. And your comment was spot on.

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