Possible Baby Daddies For The New Palin

bristol26n-1-webI see three possible scenarios regarding the paternity of Bristol Palin’s new addition to her little family. And none of them are good.

  1. Joey Junker is the father. That would mean that Bristol knew she was pregnant when she became engaged to Dakota Meyer.
  2. Dakota Meyer is the father. That would mean that Dakota must have not been very pleased at the news – in view of the broken engagement. Did she try to entrap him?
  3. Some random dude is the father. That would mean…good christian conservative values are at play. Long live the GOP!

When people are speculating on the father of your child, it kind of says a lot about you.

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24 Responses to Possible Baby Daddies For The New Palin

  1. pvaz says:

    I wish this fuckin’ family was swallowed up by a swirling vortex.

  2. Memphis, NY says:

    Going out on a limb here But I bet it aint Dakota

    • 40Watt says:

      I hope it’s a sturdy limb, Memphis. I think you’re not alone on it. 😉

      • MrsGunka says:

        His ex-wife and all the other girl friends never got pregnant so they were more careful or he has a very low sperm count. I’m leaning toward Junker when he asked her about drinking that champagne before she hooked up with Dakota. Or one of the local yahoos at the Wham-bam Saloon in Wasilla when she was scouting for a lumber/sexual. Think she had a “take-a-number” system…..

  3. Pete says:

    I don’t believe Dakota is the father, however I sincerely believe he will accept the responsibility regardless. He’s had an unhealthy infatuation with Sarah Palin from the get go. If she tells him it’s in his best interests to cover for Bristol, Dumbkota will do it! Sarah seriously wants him to be a part of the family because he’s good for the grift. An MOH father, in name only, is still better than a Junker or a random other. And Dumbkota desperately needs a controlling figure to help him mold a career and capitalize on his MOH. He didn’t want to call off the wedding and he and Sarah were both in attendance for the feaked up family BBQ! Sarah was obviously there to smooth everything over and to keep him in line. She doesn’t want him backing out of the deal. She can easily shut Bristol up with a little cash. Sarah’s not racking in the big bucks anymore, but she’s still got plenty of money. Or at least enough to buy a cork for Bristol’s pie hole!

  4. Scarsdale says:

    According to Willow, the father is unknown right now to Bristles. Could be Junker, or ”
    some black guy from Anchorage”!! I wonder if Dakota or Junker will fail the DNA test? Both fail? Bristles is frantically trying to get a reality show about her pregnancy, and nobody is answering her calls. When will she wake up to the fact that she has no talent, nothing special in the looks department, and no personality whatsoever. If her mother had not opened all the doors for her, she would NEVER have been on TV at all.

  5. ProfessorCanine says:

    Bristol needs to go on Maury Povich……

  6. She just can’t help herself by actually being private . . . including her instagram account. Her most recent picture looks like a rather full pregnancy face to me.
    It is truly sad that no one in the family seeks out the professional mental health help that they so obviously need. The therapy would take years, but the current disconnect between the outside persona and the inner turmoil is so wackadoodle – – Not a pretty future picture.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Sarah and mini-me are addicted to fame. And at what cost? They are making complete fools of themselves. Bristol’s pregnancy was even discussed in an Irish newspaper! And not in a nice way.

  7. Try saying this sentence in one breath: “The further eroding of the once great strides that have guided us throughout this great nation’s history, with Mama grizzlies and ordinary women and men in the real America taking back our government in 2016 and the core principle values that have been trampled today in their memories footsteps is a watershed event.”

    It comes from her call to impeach the Justices . . http://nytimes.com.co/sarah-palin-calls-for-impeachment-of-supreme-court-justices/ Now this is what I’d like to see and have analyzed as it was “A handwritten statement by Palin, left on her front lawn for members of the press…”

    Handwriting tell much about the state a person is in. I wonder what her’s looked like and what did she use – – pen, pencil, sharpie. Is it a 1st draft sloppy copy ? Did she just leave one copy or were their multiples? That’s pretty wacky !

  8. Memphis, NY says:

    IG give us a time line…. Engagement announcement.. when you start to show

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