Sarah Palin Gets The Bum’s Rush From Fox – Again

sp evil 3Courtesy of Mediaite:

“So the news comes today via Mike Allen that Fox News is parting ways with Sarah Palin. Total candor here: She’s been used so sparingly in recent months, I didn’t even know she was still under contract to this point.

To review, Palin was signed by Fox to much fanfare in 2010 and–after initially not renewing her deal in 2013–eventually signed her to a new contract that same year. In looking back, the Palin cable news thing never seemed to resonate, even with the rank and file. I interviewed her about two years ago, and while I found her to be exceptionally friendly and genuine off camera, her on-camera persona lacked punch. Her energy was surprisingly flat. Her answers oftentimes too long, too rehearsed.”

In other words, she was goddamned awful.

The Guardian had this to say about the breakup:

“Fox and Palin have split before. The pair first broke up in January 2013, following what were reported to be testy negotiations between Palin and Fox puppeteer Roger Ailes, who had been quoted by an anonymous third party as believing Palin to be “an idiot”.

After that first split, the former Alaska governor played the better-than-you card, saying that she was leaving Fox to expand her audience. “I’m taking my own advice here as I free up opportunities to share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation,” she said.

That only lasted eight months. Fox re-signed Palin in August, at a reported 75% pay cut.

Despite this most recent split, Fox has said it will still have her on air from time to time. Palin still retains her show, Amazing America with Sarah Palin, on the Sportsman Channel and her namesake internet television channel is still going strong. She has 4.4m Facebook likes and 1.15m followers on Twitter.

Palin is also angling to play a role in selecting the next Republican candidate for president. Her political action committee, SarahPac, put out a trailer for a movie to be released this summer, in which a parade of Republican politicians, including multiple current presidential candidates, kiss her ring on camera.”

“Elsewhere, Palin is running a poll to determine which woman should replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill.”


I vote for Katie Couric

She is now obviously trying to ramp up her image and cadge a few more pennies from her faithful following. I took a trip to her FB page today and thought I was in the wrong place!


Poor old Sarah is clutching at straws now and her desperation is showing. I can’t wait to see her PAC filings at the end of the month.

She really had better be careful too about the tease for running for president. Some old, white, NRA gun nut might suddenly become mentally incapacitated at the thought of all the money he has wasted on her and decide to unload!

I will miss the screenshots from Fox, however.

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5 Responses to Sarah Palin Gets The Bum’s Rush From Fox – Again

  1. Pete says:

    What is up with that SarahPAC quote?!? “I didn’t get into government to do….blah blah blah!! Hello correction, it should read…

    “I got out of government, by quitting halfway into my 1st term, to do the safe and easy things. Like starring in my own reality show, working part time at Fox News and hiding behind Facebook so my comments could never be challenged.”

    Palin is a total fraud…She hasn’t worked in the government for 6 years…and she was only Governor for 2 years. She’s been out of gov, longer than she was in it! Sorry but I don’t count her time as mayor of Wasilla as working for the government because she hired a city manager to do her job.

  2. MrsGunka says:

    I think that trailer was made for her “film” from a few years ago – “Undefeated”, and newer candidates were added to update it. (Joni Ernst) She has not been giving speeches for that many candidates this last go around. She just can’t do anything without twisting the truth! At the bottom of the trailer it says to get your tickets to see it now. Is she actually going to charge people to see that crap? She is the most despicable person ever!

  3. 40Watt says:

    It’s all very end-of-an-era, isn’t it? You almost want to thank Fox News for allowing everyone to begin to move on completely from Sarah Palin, and hastening her consignment to the dustbin of history, where she belongs.

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