Rick Perry calls Charleston church shooting an ‘accident’

And this is why my last trip to America will be this year. I am hoping to survive broken balconies (I am a smoker and requested a balcony.) You can be damn sure that I will ask who built the fecking thing.

I can’t get past this racism that is tearing your country apart.

You have a hate-induced crime which seems to be very hard to acknowledge.

I have deleted part of my post because it was horrible. Sorry.

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25 Responses to Rick Perry calls Charleston church shooting an ‘accident’

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    I should not have said that. I’m going to delete the post.

    • Moles says:

      President Obama said that no other advanced country in the world has this problem. He might have added that no other advanced country in the world has the f**king 2nd. amendment.

  2. I did read your initial comment and it gave me pause, not because I was in disagreement with you, but because it saddens me to read the genuine reaction to the violence in our country (and in my own community) through the eyes of the world.

    As a non-violent, non gun owner, any and all of these murders are simply something I can’t fathom, much less the mentality and vicious rhetoric of the ‘cling to your’ gun folks. I can’t believe that the majority of our country are aligned with the vocal crazies . . . but if I can’t come to grips with it myself, I don’t know how to respond to you – – other than to say I wouldn’t be visiting either. And I can’t begin to imagine what I’ll do or where my country’s world will be headed if any of the Clown car would actually win a national election. Sometimes it’s best to just live day to day and not walk down that road until you have to. I don’t have my head in the sand, but I do have to maintain my sanity.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I suppose that is why I love my garden.

      The thing is that I really love your country. I have made the most marvellous friends since Sarah Palin reared her ugly head. And I have watched with dismay at the events unfolding over the last few years, I honestly feel a bit afraid now as regards travelling in your country. If the guns don’t get me, the balconies will.

  3. uberduck says:

    Mr Perry is a dickhead, but alas, there is nothing unique about his dickheadedness. He just has the microphone right now. I guess I can sort of understand how this mentality has developed (historically speaking) in this country, but I have no clue how to change it. My only shred of hope is that in my lifetime I have seen some changes in over-all societal behavior (think smoking, gay marriage, even drinking and driving), so maybe just maybe, things can change. I’m not holding my breath.

    The NRA boardmember’s assertion that none of those innocent church-goers would be dead if they themselves had also been armed…. I … I … have no words.

    • Thanks for your great words – – you’re absolutely right that many questionable behaviors and mindsets have morphed with change and acceptance. The ‘good old boys/boys will be boys’ network always seems to me to be part and parcel of what’s going on these days. Times haves changed – – – time to extinguish that outlook on life, also and too. Slow and steady does often win the race and, as you point out, does lead to societal change.

  4. pvaz says:

    I missed what you deleted, but it’s important for us Americans to see how others see us. Maybe you would reconsider and post it.

    It is truly shameful the racism that still exists, and the violence that erupts from that. As a nation we’ve much to be proud of, but this lingering racism exists and it smolders. when it erupts, violence occurs, and innocents pay for it. The end is nowhere in sight, brace yourselves.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I wished death on Sarah Palin. In my eyes, she made it acceptable for the cowards to come out and voice their opinion. That bitch has a lot to answer for, and I hope she rots in hell.

      • pvaz says:

        That she did. Your not alone in your thoughts.

      • Moles says:

        She totally revealed herself when one of her rednecks yelled “Kill him!” (Obama) at one of her 2008 rallies and she stood mute. A venomous bitch without one redeeming feature.

      • Scarsdale says:

        Look at her, she is rotting while still alive. Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace were alarmed at the racists at her campaign stops, and asked McCain to rein her in. Lumpy little Johnny refused since “Then she will come after me” So the vicious bitch kept it up, opening the floodgates for all the racist bile that followed. Her day is coming. Karma has caught up with her. No more private jets to $100,0000 speeches. No limos, 5 star accomodations and bendy straws. She is falling FAST. Her slush fund is drying up, just like she is. Her husband just bought a plane from Franklin Graham. Why does a man of the cloth need a private jet plus a float plane? Also, too Billy’s grandson just had to resign from his mega church ministry. Seems both he and his wife had affairs. Family Values, republican stye.

  5. titlewave says:

    “I can’t get past this racism that is tearing your country apart.”

    My thoughts too. And I live here. Take some relief knowing the protests in NC are growing, and there are people of many colors demanding the end to this insanity.

    I have friends in Europe that stopped their annual vacations here several years ago because of the violence in public places. They had been coming for almost 30 years.

  6. Re: the balconies – – – I think you’ll be ok if you keep the weight load light – – i.e. nominal clothing, ashtray regularly emptied, no beverages, ice cubes, etc. etc. If you stand half in and half out, you should be fine. (This is not written to denigrate in anyway the true tragedy that occurred.)

  7. 40Watt says:

    Irish, we can only really see the trajectory of the arc of history in retrospect, but my great hope is that what is happening now will turn out to be the last desperate efforts of a dying breed – people whose only claim to relevance, in their own eyes, is their whiteness.

    We have to stand up, speak out, help out and most of all get out the VOTE. Statistically, there are more Democrats than Republicans, and, I believe, more decent people than rotten people. That said, I can see little hope if we can’t find a way to get past the polarization of basically decent people who are caught up in games of “us against them” and of litmus tests in which one area of disagreement causes wholesale rejection of all the opinions of another. Our society seems to have become rude, dishonest, unkind and afraid. Change has to start somewhere, however small, however local. As we have seen with the examples given by Uberduck, smoking, gay marriage, etc., once enough minds have changed, that change ramifies throughout society as a whole. It’s like that one grain of sand that begins to slide down the sand castle picking up other grains as it goes, until suddenly there is an avalanche of sand and the castle collapses.

    It can be done by those of us who are willing, able, unafraid and prepared to temper judgement with compassion. I’m not starry eyed about this. I don’t think it is going to be easy. Speaking personally, I chose this country. I am a naturalized American and I’m not fecking giving up on it – because, well honestly, I don’t like to be that wrong! 😉 🇺🇸

    • titlewave says:

      Thanks for that bit of reality, especially for those of us that were born here and take what that means for granted. It just is so overwhelming sometimes that we forget that it takes work to keep a country this large, with such diversity, running smoothly. Too many put their own ‘freedoms’ ahead of the cooperation it takes to make it work.
      But there are times that it just feels like we’re slipping backwards.

      “I’m not fecking giving up on it – because, well honestly, I don’t like to be that wrong!”


  8. betsy s says:

    This is what is now called “the well regulated militia” of the beloved 2nd Amendment.

    slave patrols
    The slave patrols (1704-1865) in the American South were armed bands of three to six white men on horseback who rode through the night looking for runaway slaves and other blacks up to no good. Man…
    (Hope you can read this. It’s truly scary.)

  9. Psminidivapa says:

    IG,you cannot judge an entire country by what horrible acts are committed by a few. There are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of us- all over the USA that find these acts reprehensible. The fact is that a few – who have faces in the media- are playing politics and seem to speak for all of us. I can assure you that they do not. “It is unfortunate that the whole country can be judged be the actions of a few ” (I am in Rome tonite, and heard this from our tour guide today, re politics)
    Wait a year and then visit us at our retirement house in Delaware. We will show you a community based on tolerance.

  10. A local church’s radio broadcast’s message today included Martin Luther King’s Eulogy for the Martyred Children following the Selma fire bombing that killed 4 young girls on Sept. 15, 1963. Poignant and so very sad it remains as applicable and necessary 52 years later.
    “And so I stand here to say this afternoon to all assembled here, that in spite of the darkness of this hour, we must not despair. We must not become bitter, nor must we harbor the desire to retaliate with violence.
    They are the martyred heroines of a holy crusade for freedom and human dignity. And so this afternoon in a real sense they have something to say to each of us in their death. They have something to say to every minister of the gospel who has remained silent behind the safe security of stained-glass windows. They have something to say to every politician who has fed his constituents with the stale bread of hatred and the spoiled meat of racism. … They say to each of us, black and white alike, that we must substitute courage for caution. They say to us that we must be concerned not merely about who murdered them, but about the system, the way of life, the philosophy which produced the murderers. Their death says to us that we must work passionately and unrelentingly for the realization of the American dream.”


  11. Just_a_Mote says:

    I comment infrequently but this post has really bought out such a feeling of sadness.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I wrote it on Saturday and pretty much cried all day. The Berkely collapse and the death and injuries of our beautiful and talented Irish students tore me apart. I could only figure out what had happened in SC days later. I wasn’t up to date with that news. That was a new blow. I just cried for humanity in my little oasis.

      I was actually afraid to come back and read comments on my blog because I felt that I may have sounded insane. Forty eight hours later, I took a deep breath and jumped in. That was about an hour ago.

      Thank you so much to all who responded. I know deep in my heart that the US isn’t represented by white supremacists and people who refuse to obey building regulations. I posted in grief and you wonderful people have talked me down. I do love you all.

      I will probably visit Delaware and hang off curtains over balconies and empty my ashtray religiously…

      And from what I am reading today, change may be afoot.

      Much love

  12. MrsGunka says:

    Don’t throw out the whole bushel of apples because of 3-4 rotten ones! There are a whole lot of good people here. It’s time for the pendulum to swing the other way and sanity take over.

    Remember when the IRA was raising hell in Ireland? None of us wanted to visit the green isle then either. Times change. It’s summer, it’s election time and tempers are flying. 50 years ago, you probably would have never heard about these killings. They happened then too – just no instant world-wide instant media to spread the news. We have had racism since the first boat of slaves arrived. I’m sure it will be going on long after I’m gone, but we in the north are not subjected to it like those in the south. Oh, we have it, but not so visible.

    When the immigrants arrived here to escape religious persecution, they dang near wiped out the whole Indian Nations! Indians, guns and racism has been here as long as the white man has. We were never promised a rose garden but we don’t have to live in squalor and hate. If we want roses, we have to make it hospitable for the roses to grow to show us beauty. It’s time to exchange roses not bullets!

  13. ayerishgrl says:

    Days later I finally read your post IG and it fills me with so many emotions… Sadness as I realize so much of what you say about this country is true, pride that so many of us Americans can relate to your post with understanding and determination to improve things here, hope that the pendulum is indeed beginning to swing back in the right (LEFT 😉) direction, and finally a real sense of companionship with so many of you that I have personally met, or read and agreed with your opinions. I do understand your sense of trepidation coming here again-I went to the movie theater the other day and as I sat there I got a chill thinking about the incident in Colorado and how that very thing could happen anytime, anywhere and what would I do?
    But, with this latest incident in SC and the reaction that seems to be reverberating around the nation I feel like I’m really beginning to see the tide changing. Of course there was a very vocal force out after Newtown and we all know that didn’t amount to too much… But hope springs eternal and I truthfully believe there are too many good people here to let the bad win.
    Thanks for a wonderful, thoughtful post.
    Miss you!!

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