Look What The Cat Dragged In

tit3 copy

Look at the state of her hair. She also has a big stain on her dress.


There is another photo where the stain is not obvious and she appears to have finally brushed her wig.

tit2 copyXin Hua suggested in a previous post that this is what Palin is using to enhance her mammaries…

crossdresserWhatever she is using, she looks like one hot, dirty mess!

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11 Responses to Look What The Cat Dragged In

  1. Xin Hua says:

    My NSFW response to this: No, no, IG. Your first photo of her is actually the second one, chronologically. The messy hair and semen stain are AFTER she performed the required BJ in the front seat of one of those show cars. “Motorsports”? Heh. Her falsies are lopsided, too.

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    Let’s not forget that my mother sometimes reads my blog.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Sarah, honey, you haven’t been that round and firm since you were 15! If you want us to believe you, stop taking pictures without the Belmont’s showing us your sagging/flat boobs. Please comb your wig before going out in public. You are not fooling anyone!

  4. wavelength5 says:

    Her expression seems to say that she has no idea about where she is and why. (Let alone WHO she is!)

  5. Pete says:

    She’s such a feaking mess and her boobs are totally lopsided. Oh dear lord, can’t this woman afford to buy a mirror?

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