A Splendid Salad

mmmmMy son made this salad and has featured the salad spoons that I sent him for Christmas. He is on a J1 visa in San Diego at the moment. It was so good to receive this picture from him last night.

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9 Responses to A Splendid Salad

  1. pvaz says:

    Now that’s a salad, I could eat. Irish, your fence need’s a second coat of paint.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      It’s not gonna get it.

      • pvaz says:

        That’s sorta like a primer coat. 2nd coat would finish the painted block wall. You don’t want a backyard guest to say,’Irish has another 1/2 finished project, look at that wall’!!!

      • irishgirl999 says:

        You are such a nag. You do realise that you are responsible for me painting that damn thing in the first place? It was supposed to be covered by Morning Glories by now – that was a pipe dream… I had visions of blue buds hanging sweetly and fragrantly over the deck. I am now left with painting dog food cans.

  2. That’s very impressive !

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