The Palinesque Death Of The English Language

I fecking hate this woman because she has destroyed my grasp of the English language. Once upon a time, I would say something along the lines of…”The media destroyed this woman’s ability to talk freely.”

Now, I am reduced to saying shite like this. “She who was destroyed by the mediums and the small issues of pedophilia by he who was only fourteen whilst predidating or whatevah have no respect for the troops who are fighting for our constitution. They who fight for us to fuck anyone we want and I hoohaa, wave verily and cheerily to those brave soldiers who want to set Gaza free (kick from McCain.)

I watched a few of the old Couric interviews tonight. Her ignorance’s were was truly astounding. When asked what she would specifically do to promote democracy in the ME, she answered that she would specifically promote democracy. You can’t go wrong with that!

I watched the above video with the sound on and off. In both instances, I who watched the fecking video by she who is hanging on by a thread to sanity – asked myself – what is a pronoun. I’m serious.

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18 Responses to The Palinesque Death Of The English Language

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    And I won’t even mention the lips!!!!

  2. MrsGunka says:

    She has destroyed almost all the English I learned and fighting to remember to compose a simple comment. My spelling has gone to pot with her adding words with each speech. I want her gone! It’s not nice to mess with old ladies! Please excuse all my spelling airers!

  3. MemphisNY says:

    Swedish Fish

  4. uberduck says:

    My head hurts. I think it’s my head.

  5. I just watched my dvr’d broadcast and was most astounded by how ‘frosty’ Sarah was with Hannity. Doesn’t seem to be any love lost there. The play off music was a nice touch, also too. Is that a satin robe? And her bumpit seems to have listed to the left. She, who lives life vibrantly, is just TOO much. Also happened to catch the Wells Fargo Mommy Adoption ad midstream – – – Franklin Graham is simply despicable.

  6. 40Watt says:

    “40 Watt i assume you heard the Swedish Fish story Custard”

    I did indeed, Memphis. 🐠 😄

  7. 40Watt says:

    “Unfortunately, this had all been rebirthed, and the girls [Duggars] trusted their counselors and trusted law enforcement that they were telling law enforcement and counselors that it would all be confidential and private, and here it’s busted out for all the world to see and be humiliated by.”

    So, the Duggar sisters told both the police and their counselors – otherwise known as figments of their imaginations – that everything would be confidential but now it’s been made private and and everyone in the world is ashamed, amirite?

    I hope that helped Irish. I didn’t want you having to fuss with her gibberish today. 😉

  8. Scarsdale says:

    At one point she mentions “he, or her” someone who disclosed this fiasco. Shouldn’t that be “he or she”? Jaysus, I am so confused by this bitch. Maybe she is afraid that the the sealed files on HER family will be opened up? There is so much hidden in the Heath/PayMe background. Does she think that having part of her wig hanging over one eye covers the crossed eye, because it does not. Surprised she did not have Bristles on the show, she is the wise one who read all about the Duggers (yeah, right, Bristles reading???) The Duggers should have had fewer kids and watched over the ones they already had. Too busy screwing, I guess. Why not have more kids, the TV reality show pays very well, doesn;t it?

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