Where’s Sarah?

sarah-angryCourtesy of David Lightman and Sean Cockerham for The Miami Herald:

Sarah Palin has disappeared from the 2016 presidential campaign.

She continues to tease about running, just as she has almost since the day she was defeated as the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

But since she spoke at two early presidential showcases this winter, including one where her rambling monologue was blasted by conservative activists and analysts, she’s essentially been missing in action.

They go on to say that Palin has basically been a no-show at campaign events organised for other presidential candidates but she is still teasing the media that she might run.

Asked if she were planning to run, Palin said, “Well, we’ll see what happens . . . in the next year or so, we’ll see.”

Palin hasn’t run for anything since resigning as governor halfway through her term in 2009. She suggested she might run for president in 2012, for the Senate in 2014, and now president again.

Yet she’s got no apparent organization or fundraising apparatus.

And then (my bolding)…

“My guess is, looking at her recent history, that her suggested ambitions to run for office are all just publicity stunts to keep her name alive nationally,” said Marc Hellenthal, a Republican strategist and pollster in Alaska.

Nor does anyone seem to eagerly be urging her to jump into a field that could have at least 15 prominent candidates. “Gov. Palin has really fallen off of the map and is a non-factor in South Carolina and most places,” Moore said.

Even in Alaska, her approval ratings are low and her state political career is over.

“When she quit in the middle of her gubernatorial term she hurt herself tremendously,” Hellenthal said.

Palin does retain a following, even a star quality among some conservative Republicans. That’s why many who invited her to forums only to be rebuffed won’t talk about her on the record. They do point out that being able to entertain a crowd is quite different from having appeal as a potential officeholder.
They point out that she really has only been seen on The Sportsman Channel recently and her PAC has only contributed 6.6% to other political candidates over the last two years. However, they do mention the cancelled wedding!

Palin has mostly been in the news lately for the cancellation of the wedding between her daughter, Bristol, and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer.

They conclude the article by pointing out that that some conservatives believe she won’t be politically invisible as she still tweets out her thoughts and has a following.

I can’t imagine that Sarah or her followers will be pleased with this report. I think everyone bar her brain-dead supporters has her number by now.


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9 Responses to Where’s Sarah?

  1. uberduck says:

    “Even in Alaska, her approval ratings are low and her state political career is over.”

    I belive that this should read ESPECIALLY in Alaska! Though I no longer live there, I would still like to say that WE were done with her long ago, and have been thoroughly puzzled by her continued notoriety elsewhere!

  2. I was surprised this morning to see that the Palin piece was one of the top 5 articles to select under my local paper’s online “Nation/World” heading. Not that I don’t like the piece, but there are a lot more relevant happenings to read/learn about then the non-happening of Ms. SP.

  3. lindak1961 says:

    I’m projecting MrsG. I enjoy laughing at her, so assume that others do too!

  4. I think Sarah Palin got her feelings hurt when the conservative media turned on her after her drunken rambling speech in January. Her former supporters in the conservative world mused out loud, “I guess it’s time to admit that the liberal critics were right about Palin and we were wrong.”

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