Sarah Palin – On The Road To Nowhere

runawaycowShe’s on the the road to nowhere.

And begorrah, I think the bots know it. They are refusing to contribute. Happy days!

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6 Responses to Sarah Palin – On The Road To Nowhere

  1. Pete says:

    Yes some of the pee pond finally wised up and realized the guy in charge of SarahPAC was soliciting donations under the guise that Palin was going to run even though she had not officially thrown her hat in the ring. The pee ponders aren’t too happy with Tim Crawford at all, of course they don’t blame Sarah at all for any wrong doing although SarahPAC is her baby and she is completely in charge of the operation, so whatevs! If they feel better making Crawford their scapegoat so be it. At least some of them have decided not to donate until Sarah officially announces her candidacy, that way they won’t waste their money on something that is never going to happen!!

  2. Eli says:

    I love Talking Heads!

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