Daily Mail Exclusive On Palin/Meyer BBQ

Oh boy!!! Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

wagHeated exchange? Despite the cancellation of Bristol Palin’s wedding to ex-Marine Dakota Meyer the families went ahead with a ‘celebration of life’ on Saturday and in this photo Sarah Palin appears to be having a heated exchange with the man who was supposed to become her son-in-law.

Someone has a very red face…

wag copy

wag copy2

Despite the cancellation, the former vice presidential candidate confirmed a celebration would still be held on May 23 and both families would be gathering for a barbecue at Meyer’s Kentucky farm.

‘This Kentucky farm is a beautiful setting for our friends and families to gather in celebration of life itself this Memorial Day weekend,’ wrote Palin.

‘Nothing is more precious to us than family, faith and America’s freedom.’

But the ‘celebration of life’ appears to have quite heated at one point as this photograph showing Sarah Palin raising her finger in what appears to be a heated exchange with the man who was supposed to have become her son-in-law.

Days earlier Meyer had put out his own statement on Facebook page around the same time as the elder Palin and bearing striking similarities to her message, suggesting a concerted public relations offensive.

But if both sides were supposed to be maintaining a united front someone forgot to tell Bristol…

Sarah Palin makes a big issue of her family’s supposed belief in traditional Christian family values, but after the embarassment of a cancelled wedding Bristol’s choice of friend for her trip – ‘exotic model and video vixen’ Marina Lupas – was the last thing the family’s tarnished image needed.

Lupas aggressively markets herself as an ‘exotic model’ on the internet, and her public photos leave little doubt about what she means. She and Bristol are long time friends and they spent the weekend enjoying the outdoors and driving an RV.

Photos from the family barbecue in Kentucky suggest Bristol didn’t miss much with only about 100 people showing up.


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18 Responses to Daily Mail Exclusive On Palin/Meyer BBQ

  1. Pete says:

    ODL(oh dear lord) Palin loves wagging her finger, and her tongue, for some reason. If I had to guess I would say it’s because of all the meth that’s in her system combined with some alcohol. Her mannerisms and ticks are just like the meth whores you see on television.She was scarfing down the booze at that Kenfucky party and then sneaking off to her massive motor home to hit the crack pipe, hence the reason for parking the monstrosity right on the party lawn, easy access!! Too fecking funny!!!

  2. MemphisNY says:


  3. 1smartcanerican™ says:

    I didn’t know it was your birthday, but here I am, all dressed up and ready to celebrate with a bit of bubbly maybe? I hope you have a great celebration with real family and friends today. Happy Birthday IG!

  4. pvaz says:

    Happy birthday Irishgirl

  5. 40Watt says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. 40Watt says:

    This has to be a disaster for Palin. Not that she has any credibility, or had any, but a story like this provides endless fodder for jokes. However hard she tries she cannot believably claim the information is wrong or the media has ganged up on her. Most of this debacle has unfolded and been publicized through their own FB pages and instagram accounts.

    If they’d kept their narcissistic fingers off the camera and keyboard, few people would know about the unfolding farce.

  7. lindak1961 says:

    Happy Birthday IG!

  8. Dusty says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  9. stillregina says:

    Happy birthday, dahling! Xxx 🙂

  10. Scarsdale says:

    Happy birthday! I have a sneaky feeling that Duhkota called off these nuptuals. All the time Bristles and Tripp spent in Kentucky (2 months?) living at his father’s house, there was not one single photo of his parents with the PayMes. No photos of future daughter in law, or future grandkid? Maybe the shock wore off, and they were able to talk sense into him. Bristles has a reputation for being a slut, since junior high school. Lots of “trial husbands” between one night stands. That girl has lotsa miles on her for a 24 year old. The rumor was that $carah had him sign an agreement that any speeches he gave, Bristles was to get 65% of the fee. $carah likely had big plans for that 65% take. I hope his lawyer is able to nulify THAT scam, and free Duhkota from this toxic mess.

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