Irish Referendum For Marriage Equality Today


[H/T to Prof. Canine for the pic]

Well, we have a referendum on same sex marriage today. The polls seem to indicate that the yes vote will win so keep your fingers crossed.

Daughter who turned 18 last week is chomping at the bit to go and cast her very first vote so we will all go down later this afternoon and do the right thing! Vote yes for equality.

And some humour from Roddy Doyle…



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11 Responses to Irish Referendum For Marriage Equality Today

  1. titlewave says:

    Go Ireland! YOU CAN DO IT!

    Congrats to Irishdaughter, what a landmark first vote! 🙂

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Ha, we just voted. We had to have ID. Daughter was quite perturbed at all of the older people voting. She thinks they will vote no and she reckons they will all be dead soon so they shouldn’t have a vote. I had to tell her it doesn’t work like that. 🙂
      Her granny is voting no, and daughter wants me to ring her and tell her that daughter has just come out! The GOP has nothing on DD. 😉

      • 1smartcanerican™ says:

        I think I love your daughter! 🙂 She has her very own version of voter suppression, eh? Get rid of the old ones who won’t vote Yes. Tell her I’m old, and I’d vote Hell Yes! Love her idea of telling Granny that she (dd) is now gay so Granny should vote Yes.

        Now, I definitely know I love your daughter! Wish I had one – but I have a granddaughter to raise up as well as you have your daughter, so there is that.

        I’m awaiting a resounding YES from Ireland soon! Make me very proud to be 45% Irish according to DNA testing 🙂

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Just off the phone from mum – we deliberated in our response. Her granny is going to pray for her. 🙂

  2. titlewave says:

    “She thinks they will vote no and she reckons they will all be dead soon so they shouldn’t have a vote.”

    You gotta love her for that 🙂
    I can sympathize, I believe only those who vote like me should be able to vote. 😉

    • 40Watt says:

      “You gotta love her for that :)” Oh yes! Congratulations of your first vote, daughter.

      Fingers crossed for Ireland to do the right thing.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Apparently the supplimentary voting list queues are huge. These are the lists for first time voters (the young) and for people who haven’t voted in a while.

        “More than three million people are entitled to vote; over 60,000 have registered in recent weeks.

        There were queues of people waiting to vote outside some polling stations in Dublin and Galway before doors opened at 7am.

        Some presiding officers say it ranks as one of the busiest mornings they have ever seen, with some saying a greater number of younger voters are casting their ballots than usual.”

        All this before the tea-time and last-minute rush has led to some polling staff to predict a 60% plus final turnout figure.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    The news reports I’ve heard here this morning are saying it looks like it will pass. Congratulations Ireland! And also, to your daughter. Tell not all of the old people are uninformed!

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    Darling daughter has just nagged her father to death. He came in from work, tired and hungry, and was going to give the vote a miss. Next thing, he staggered into the kitchen and told me he couldn’t take any more of it – he was going off to vote, during rush hour.

    I think I have a little liberal on my hands…

    Also and too, crippled son ( I must stop calling him that), told me that all of his college friends had returned home to their voting areas ( at great expense, and it is exam time here) to vote yes.

    I am hopeful.

  5. lindak1961 says:

    I feel in my aging bones – Ireland will vote “Yes!”

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