Exceptional Dysfunction


Courtesy of Politico:

Marco Rubio on Wednesday moved to claim the mantle of the staunchest national security hawk in the presidential field, the one ready to be commander in chief on Day 1 — even as critics question whether a first-term senator would have the chops to compete against a former secretary of state.

Sen. Rubio (R-Fla.) laid out his foreign policy vision in a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations, an address designed to show that he has a coherent philosophy about America’s role in the world, and isn’t afraid to use force to ensure that America remains, in his characterization, the one indispensable super power. He depicted his worldview as one squarely in keeping with bipartisan internationalist traditions shared by presidents such as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.

“The first duty of the president, as written in the Constitution, is not ‘taxer in chief’ or ‘regulator in chief’ – it is commander in chief,” he said, according to prepared remarks. “Every presidential candidate must be prepared to execute this duty. And any who [advocate] averting our eyes from the dangers of the world must be prepared to explain, against six years of counterevidence, how retrenchment and retreat will lead to a safer world. They will not.”

Suffice it to say that young Rubio appears to be yet another war monger. He went on to call for more “robust defense spending.” What the hell is it with Republicans and wars – they are just sickening. Rubio should send all that bottled water to CA – they are parched too. As the goons continue to deny climate change and send treasonous letters to responsible countries trying to reduce CO2 emissions, they then refuse to increase the budget for Amtrak after a horrible accident which claimed at least 7 lives. I suppose the idea of getting more cars off the road  and reducing CO2 and having a decent public transport system with safety features doesn’t appeal to them. Well obviously not. Those GOP fuckers are beholden to the oil industry, so feck the plebs… and the “exceptional” country is safer.  Tell that to the family and friends of the victims.

american_exceptionalism_by_ali_radicali-d4p5ldeWell, if you are that fecking special, fix your infrastructure and get rid of your guns (I know that is never gonna happen) before you sink into third world status.

When you visit the USA, you are never quite sure when a bridge is going to collapse or some lunatic is going to shoot you. It can be exceptionally frightening. I honestly don’t know how people live that life every day.


I hope I don’t sound too angry. I’m just glad to be looking at my dog.

_MG_0030The sheets are dark blue, so the dog hairs are kinda obvious. Does anyone else have a mutt who insists on sleeping in a bed?

Oh, and Dakota has been married before…

Also and too, waiting for Sarah to declare something.

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8 Responses to Exceptional Dysfunction

  1. lindak1961 says:

    My cats sleep wherever they damn please – on my bed, or under it, on my daughter’s bed, or under it, on the sofa, on the love seat, or by the large window in the dining room (a favorite spot in the afternoon to catch the sun’s rays). It was a wise decision not to buy a cat bed for the cats.

    As for Rubio and the gop, they seem to think that foreign policy consists of spending on defense and waging war, but don’t seem to understand that diplomacy plays a part. In fact, it should be a much bigger part than war, but the gopers seem to think that diplomacy equals weakness. Teddy Roosevelt once said “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Today’s gopers are the opposite – they speak loudly and carry small sticks. Sure, they may wage war at the drop of a hat, but they don’t win them, nor make us more secure. They seem to think that talking tough makes them strong, but to me they are incredibly weak. TR was the first American to win the Nobel Peace prize, btw, by brokering peace between Russia and Japan when the two countries went to war.

    If Rubio couldn’t stand up to the wingnuts in the gop to defend his own immigration reform bill, I doubt that he can stand up to ISIL, or to any other threat, in or out of the country. Someone needs to ask him how he can be strong when he’s obviously such a weakling!

  2. 40Watt says:

    Ditto re. great comment. 😀

    I have a Spanish Water Dog who is very sweet and affectionate but she was bred to be a working dog – a herder. She has very strong ideas about her role in the world and it absolutely does not include sleeping in beds or sitting on laps!

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Rubio – go home and get braces on the buck teeth. Grow up. Go get checked for diabetes, every time we see you, you are chugging water. You act just like a teenager. You are not what we need in the White House. We are broke and sick and tired of going to war.
    Aren’t animals supposed to sleep on beds? Furniture? Windowsills? Everyone I have ever had came trained that way! They don’t untrain!

  4. Scarsdale says:

    Rubio claimed that he lived in a “middle class home” It was valued at $650,000!!! Poor struggling middle class clown. Too wet behind the ears to be President. President Obama will leave big shoes to fill, Marco is not even close to qualifying. Duhkota was married before, but was he ever divorced? Bristles should find out before the big weddin’ tomorrow, unless it has already been called off? Strange to me that there are no photos of Duhkota’s family with the blushing bride to be. Not even photos of them with their soon to be grandson, Tripp. I thought the PayMe clan was strange before, but this happy ocasion is not exactly being celebrated, is it?

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