Freddie Gray And The Bicycle Thugs That Killed Him

Here are some of the horrific screenshots of the last time Freddie Gray was seen alive.


1072Freddie can’t lift his legs up to the step and Rice (the thug in blue) appears to grab him by the belt to hoist him up.

108 copy

108tooThe thugs lift him into the wagon.
112a113bFreddie seems to stand briefly for one second as the bicycle thug holds him by the arm and seems to hold his leg.

113endFreddie gives one last cry of pain, and I imagine, terror.

At no time during this sickening episode is Freddie able to stand on his own. The video appears to end around there. I don’t know whether he was just pushed into the van and expected to sit down or what happened after that.

However, at the next stop a few minutes later, they took him out and shackled his legs. According to witnesses, he was not responsive. I saw the video, but for the life of me can’t locate it at the moment. It was the bicycle thugs who shackled him. What were they doing following the paddy wagon? A bit worried maybe. Making a pretence that he was irate?

Those bicycle thugs were also present at the second undisclosed stop.

I’d say Officer Goodson inherited a nightmare, and they spent the next hour driving around trying to figure things out and get their stories straight instead of taking Freddie to the hospital. Those bicycle thugs should be charged with murder and not assault.

Kevin Moore, the guy that took the video also said over the weekend that it was edited and that he has more footage in safekeeping.

The quality of the video is terrible. just to warn you.

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2 Responses to Freddie Gray And The Bicycle Thugs That Killed Him

  1. 40Watt says:

    Great job, Irish.

    My neurosurgical source felt that the injury was asymmetrical as this stage, involving one leg more than the other. Another possible reason for him appearing to take weight on his leg, as some people have suggested he did, would be extensor spasms related to the injury.

    One way or another, it still appears that the most likely scenario, with the information we have so far, is that the initial injury happened before he was put in the van and was aggravated thereafter.

    “Kevin Moore, the guy that took the video also said over the weekend that it was edited and that he has more footage in safekeeping.” I guess we will have to see what unfolds in court.

  2. 40Watt says:

    Freddie Gray officer threatened to kill himself and ex-partner’s husband, court document

    Brian Rice, who pursued and arrested Gray after the 25-year-old “caught his eye” on 12 April, was reportedly given an administrative suspension after being hospitalised for a mental health evaluation when he warned he was preparing to shoot himself in April 2012.

    Rice, 41, also received an internal discipline when a judge granted a temporary restraining order against him after a request from Andrew McAleer, the husband of Karyn McAleer, who is the mother of Rice’s young son and a fellow Baltimore police officer. Rice has been married to and divorced from two further women, according to court records.

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