Sarah Palin Doesn’t Do Compromise, Except When She Has To!

2000 (1)Courtesy of

Sarah Palin agreed in December to pay a New Jersey newspaper $15,000 to settle a lawsuit over her campaign’s unauthorized use of an iconic photograph of firefighters hoisting the American flag on 9/11 β€” but the deal remains stalled over the former GOP vice presidential candidate’s insistence on confidentiality, according to court papers filed Monday in U.S. District Court.

According to the documents, William Dunnegan, the attorney for North Jersey Media Group, which publishes The Record of Bergen County, says that on Dec. 22, 2014 — four days after the two sides agreed in principle to settle the case — lawyers for SarahPac, Palin’s campaign organization, “asserted that there must be a broad confidentiality clause.”

“Shortly thereafter, Palin’s counsel, Ronald Coleman, Esq., told me that Palin required a confidentiality clause because her political action committee did not want any hint of a compromise associated with her name,” Dunnegan writes.

So it appears that she lost, and she had to compromise, and now we all know it! πŸ™‚

In other Palin news, check out how she celebrates her “boys'” birthdays.

BirthdaysWhat a birthday greeting!! And don’t they look thrilled. She just couldn’t wish them well and leave it at that. She had to attack the libs. Also, I was under the impression that Trig couldn’t eat solid food. Didn’t Sarah tell us that?

Well, the liar also told us that Trig couldn’t talk, but scroll down and check out Willow’s Websta account. It appears that Trig is counting to one hundred. Good for him.

Trig countingAnd yes, that is Todd’s socked feet on top of the counter…


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7 Responses to Sarah Palin Doesn’t Do Compromise, Except When She Has To!

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Don’t you get it yet, IrishGirl? Quitter’s racket is insulting liberals and liberal policies in order to fleece money from the rubes. And everything to her is political, even her kids’ birthdays. Excuse me, I mean, her props’ birthdays.

    BTW, she’s not fit to wipe Al Gore’s rear end.

  2. MrsGunka says:

    Sarah is like the nin-com-poop who is trying to dig her way out of a hole….the more she digs the deeper she sinks! She plays a duel roll for the GOP….Dumb AND Dumber! Happy Birthday boys without the Koch sermon!

  3. kathleen says:

    Freaking idiot ignores the fact that many of my Alaskan friends tell me that they have NEVER seen snow in April in Alaska before. Meanwhile NSW, Australia has had freak winds, heavy rain and flooding. One of my friend’s son’s entire back wall of his house is off. Then again Sarah never has faced up to the fact that there are consequences for all actions whether they be because of the way we abuse our planet or if they are due to the ignorant abuse of an iconc image for profit.

  4. Scarsdale says:

    This $15,000 explains why her money manager sent out pleas for $10,000 by a certain date. She expects her “fans” to pay the fine. Well, she outsmarted herself this time, her secret is out, no confidentiality clause!!! Bristles and Duhkota must be having a hard time drumming up interest in either wedding photos, or reality shows. How times change. Rmember when $carah wanted, and got, $100,000 for one of her screeches? These included private jets, first class accomodations for her entire griftiing clan also, too. Hey, $carah, here is some “reaity” for you REALITY BITES, right on your fake arse.

  5. Pete says:

    What a great birthday. I guess when you have a DS child in the family it’s okay to forget to wish him a happy birthday via social media even though you don’t forget about your other kids birthdays. And of course you can always celebrate his birthday a couple days after the fact because he has DS, so it’s not like he’s gonna know the difference anyway. That must be the way Palin thinks about Trig because she didn’t bother to admit she forgot to wish him a happy birthday on the 18th. She had plenty of time to attack both Obama and Hilary on the 18th via Twitter and Facebook, but she couldn’t be bothered with Trig. On the 19th she was absent from Twitter altogether but she resurfaced late on the 20th with just enough time to wish Track a happy Birthday. She was also able to indirectly mention her younger child because Tracks birthday was “just two days after his little brother’s birthday.”

    You can see just how much love Sarah Palin has for Trig. She couldn’t admit she originally forgot to acknowledge his Birthday on the 18th and she couldn’t bother acknowledging him by name on the 20th. Trig was nothing more than an afterthought on Twitter and Facebook. She didn’t celebrate his special day by inviting his friends to a birthday party with cake and ice cream or anything like that. Sarah is very wealthy, the least she could do is throw him a party, he’s helped to make her millions. Instead, they stuck a spare candle on some store bought cup cakes and let him play by himself out in the snow. Wow she truly is the the loving mom ever.

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