Sarah Palin Rears Her Ugly Head


Courtesy of The Fartknocker Report:

On this week’s Fartknocker Report, Sarah Palin can’t seem to make up her mind. In a video published on April 7, Palin insists that we need a new constitutional convention because Barack Obama’s tyranny has irrevocably broken the dreams of the Founding Fathers. The next day, she tells us about a group of gun nuts who got Obama’s ATF to back down by boldly submitting public comments, just like the men at Valley Forge did. The Tundra Grifter was a little all over the place this week, but what else is new?

Wait until she finds out that Obama can shoot rainbows out of his hand!


Meanwhile, Sarah missed the NRA event and opted instead to go for the SCI event where apparently you can bid at an auction to go safari-hunting and kill animals for the hell of it.



10929155_10153242263448588_543139232504573227_nI wish those animals were alive, we’d see her run then. 😉

I just had to add this pic.


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9 Responses to Sarah Palin Rears Her Ugly Head

  1. m says:

    Looks like she has purchased the outfit in every color.
    White for SNL
    Navy for Stuffed animal event

    BTW The man’s dick … seems to tell a story.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    What an ugly pair in that last picture! As for the pictures with the stuffed animals, someone over at Politicalgates pointed out that the dead animals look better than she does. It doesn’t help that she’s dressed inappropriately (again) and in a tacky manner. Someone else mentioned that one of her camo outfits or jeans and boots getup would have been more appropriate for this event than that tacky skirt and top.

  3. crow says:

    I’m glad to see that Sarah is finally taking an interest in veterans. Not doing anything to actually help them, but taking a serious interest in them. Much like she is seriously interested in helping Down Syndrome children and seriously interested in running for President. A seriousness that seemed to come over her sometime after her Iowa debacle speech when it finally became clear to everyone but her most cult-ridden devotees that she had lost all political clout. The press *finally* started to notice. Even FOX doesn’t have her on anymore. One on-line columnist wrote that hiding behind veterans is a good move for her. Hiding behind her kids doesn’t work anymore – you can’t pretend to go all “mama-grizzly” protecting your children when they are drunken, brawling adults – and she has no political gravitas anywhere. But no one will attack her when she is hiding behind a veteran. If anyone should so much as look cross-eyed at her she will claim someone is not supporting veterans. Supporting “The Troops” is passe – now it’s all about “The Vets”. She even got her own, personal Medal of Honor Vet to hide behind. And her great contribution to help these returned soldiers is to “say thanks” to a Vet.

    Yeah, that should help his PTSD a lot. That, and give him a chance to go kill a wild animal somewhere. Maybe she could start encouraging them to go to gun ranges and shoot to relieve stress – that always works out well, too. But mostly, I think she will just do nothing besides post pictures of her future son-in-law (always being sure to tag him Medal of Honor recipient) and occasionally typing out the phrase “Thank a Vet” on her shoutyface page.

    You know, Sarah, if you want any ideas on how to actually help service members, you could check out the work Michelle Obama has been doing since the day she moved into the White House. Check out Joining Forces – it’s Michelle Obama’s signature initiative, started even before her childhood obesity campaign. And Jill Biden helps with it, too. Yes, both these ladies have been working to help servicemen and their families long before you discovered your deep, personal commitment to “The Vets”. You probably weren’t aware of it at the time because you were more concerned about preserving our freedom by defending our right to eat fried butter on a stick.

    And while your at it, perhaps you could talk with your good friend and former running mate, John McCain, to encourage him to stop voting against every piece of legislation that is designed to help veterans. Maybe suggest giving military families a pay raise so that some of them can get off foods stamps. Or something.

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