The Lost Post

I lost my post last night I was really p*ssed. It was a very long post in response to Russellsq’s comment about the state of America.

Russellsq says:
April 10, 2015 at 11:29 am (Edit)
America has lost the common belief that as humans, we are equal in worth, worthy of respect, and responsible for each other. We would rather bomb and kill each other than to embrace our universal oneness. I weep for us.

Now I actually know and love Russellsq and his wife, the very funny PSminidiva. I have met them three times. The first time was in Washington, DC., the second time was in Dublin, and the third time was at a previously disclosed location in *Pencilvania.*

Having taken great pains to respond to his post, I then decided in my idiocy, to post a pic of my new bbq. I had spent two days with screws and nuts and bolts trying to put the damn thing together. Daughter and I nearly came to blows over it, but we did it!!!! So I wanted you all to see the fruition of my efforts.

However, my post disappeared and one can usually resurrect it from the draft section. No, it was like the stolen bike, there one minute and gone the next.



And MrsG. Please feel free to post your bikini pics. I will if you will.

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