Sarah PAC In Trouble?


During the week, Gryphen at IM had a post up about Tim Crawford sending an email begging for money for Sarah PAC.

Dear [Donor], 

Today marks the end of the first quarter, and we need your help to show a strong financial standing. 

The far left is looking to us as a symbol of the “whackjobs“.  (Gee I can’t imagine why.) We need to show them that we are strong and united in fighting their anti-American agenda. (WTF?) Our disclosure reports will send a message: that the conservative principles this country were founded on are alive and well. 

We have less than ten hours to go until the deadline. When the clock strikes midnight, we have to legally start tallying every donation. (Or else Sarah Palin’s wing turns into a pumpkin.) We must make this one count, friends. Please show the strength of conservatives all around the country by donating now. 

Today, the liberal media has launched attacks against Sarah Palin and everything she stands for. If you agree with her, please donate now. Show the media that patriotism is not something to be ashamed of, but something to be lived out. We need your help by midnight to elect strong American leaders. 

Thank you for your support. And let us not forget what makes this country great: those that are willing to fighting for what they believe–you. 


Tim Crawford

Now why they needed $10,000 before midnight is anybody’s guess.


Yesterday, on her FB page, Palin posted the following…


You had to click on the image to see the full cartoon. But when one does click on it, one is magically transported to Sarah PAC.


I think the first quarter FEC filing must be due around now, and this simply reeks of desperation as she tries to ramp up the donations. It must really suck to have to beg money from strangers.


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14 Responses to Sarah PAC In Trouble?

  1. lindak1961 says:

    I must be stupid, because I don’t get the cartoon. Not even Nixon what?

    If Quitter wants to make a quick fortune, she should smear gays, then whine when others push back against the smears, set up a GoFundMe account and watch the money pour in from the wingnunts.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Don’t give her ideas!
      I think it is meant to portray that not even Nixon destroyed his emails!! Never mind that they didn’t exist at the time.

      • lindak1961 says:

        Ah, so Quitter is claiming that Hillary destroyed her emails? No proof of course, plus the stupidity of no such thing as email when Nixon was president.

        So what if she gets the idea to fleece more money from the rubes? It will keep the same money away from real candidates.

    • LOL – – I was just going to say exactly the same thing. I need a translator on what the drawing means. I can’t figure it out at all. Glad it’s not just me – – – this might have made me believe that my kids are right and I’m becoming a relic of some sort. If as IG says it’s about the emails, then that’s a poor choice of a visual.

  2. uberduck says:

    Nixon had no emails, but he had a lot of other records and secret recordings of various sorts. Seems to me I remember something about 10 minutes of silence on one of those tapes…. I do remember a cartoon of his secretary, injured and being carried out by paramedics, because the had supposedly preformed whatever weird combinations of foot pedal and whatever that would explain how that bit got erased “accidentally.” Ah – I see someone else has made this connection:

  3. Scarsdale says:

    $carah has a hillbilly weddin’ to plan. Can’t collect enough road kill to feed all those freeloaders coming to the shindig. Imagine how much the booze will cost, just for Bristles and DuhKota! Bristles had a beautiful shower, with all those people. Bristles, Willing, Piper Diaper, a cousin and the porn star from Wasilla, Bristle’s best friend. That must have cost at least 20 bucks. I wonder if $carah will serve her world famous moose chilli (from a can) at the reception! Donations are down, panic is setting in. What a tragedy it will be if one of the PayMe’s has to – horrors – GET A JOB.

  4. MrsGunka says:

    I also read that due to the kind of PAK she has, she doesn’t have to do quarterly reports! 🙂 She’s begging for money to pay for this wedding or to pay for her fine for using that 9-11 firemen picture without permission. Maybe she had to pay Duhkota $10,000 up front to get him to agree to marry Brizdull. Her shining star of the north is getting so tarnished from her dimwit shenanigans that even the pee-pots are plugging their nose! She will tag-a-long with her dimwit almost son-in-law on his NRA speeches to keep the candle burning for now. She’ll demand enough in his speaking fees to cover airline tickets for her and Brizdull to tag-a-long to sell some books for him and her and Bris. They can always pitch a canvas tent full of wine coolers for entertainment on the road!

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I looked up her PAC today and she had to give a quarterly report last year in April.

      2014 PAC Summary Data
      Select a Cycle:
      Total Receipts $2,790,849
      Total Spent $3,115,232
      Begin Cash on Hand $1,149,939
      End Cash on Hand $825,556
      Debts $0
      Date of last report December 31, 2014

      She’s blowing through that loot like a woman possessed! And you’re right – she does have a few expenses coming up. 🙂

      • lindak1961 says:

        Because it’s not an election year, she may not have to file quarterly reports. Agreed that she’s spending money like it’s going out of style, and has some BIG expenses coming up, hence the begging.

  5. MemphisNY says:

    allegedly she paid for the ring has to recoup that money

  6. sherynhall says:

    what a mess. Bristol is pregnant–doesn’t know if father is Levi or Joey Junker or Torell (according to Willow.) Apparently Dakota has war injuries and fatherhood is not possible. Seems funny that Bristol can have such loose morals but then brag about being a Christian. Dakota has already said that he did not propose first–Bristol proposed to him and then Mama set up a public proposal a few days later at the concert and provided the ring. Now he is getting PAC money to keep quiet about the reasons for the breakup and about her pregnancy. Not looking good for the Head Grifter–lost her job at FOX and her 24/7 subscription service was a failure. She says she sees her future as a political kingmaker but fellow Republicans know her endorsement is the kiss of death. And Bristol is getting as much sympathy for being pregnant with another child out of wedlock as she did for her drunken Palin family brawl where she repeatedly punched out the homeowner that told her she was not invited to his son’s birthday party and that the entire drunken family should just leave. Listen again to the police statements given from the Palins–so drunk that they couldn’t stop dropping their f bombs every other sentence. Doesn’t this just scream that the Palins are trailer trash and certainly not qualified to have any political leadership roles?

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