Atmosphere Re-employment In Florida

Okay, I have watched this video about ten times. Each time, I break out into uncontrolled peals of laughter – and I love Miami. I would take a bullet for Miami beach. Thank you Joe Biden and SNL.

I woz there once. Thank you CC.



But you Floridians rilly need to get your sh*t together and vote out assholes like Scotty boy.

Climate change, climate change, climate change.

Global warming, global warming, global warming.

A state hazard mitigation plan. Ok – lets run with that. 🙂

Atmosphere re-employment…


No wonder the Democrats are laughing.

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2 Responses to Atmosphere Re-employment In Florida

  1. My Spanish ‘phrase of the day’ from yesterday seems appropriate:
    Cita de ayer
    El hombre permanece en el rincĂłn de la oscuridad por temor a que la luz de la verdad le deje ver cosas que derrumbarĂ­an sus conjeturas. (J. J. BenĂ­tez)

    Man stays in the corner of darkness out of fear that the light of truth will allow him to see things that demolish his opinions. (J. J. BenĂ­tez)

    And then some stay in the corner porque son idiotas!

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