Unrequited Love – The USA And Israel


_MG_0118 copyWhilst son has been recuperating from that dreadful ACL surgery – he and I have had a few chats. He is installed (embedded)  in my computer room downstairs.

So, he is bored out of his brain and looking at the news. We get onto the topic of Netanyahu and the US. He says…

It is like you have a girlfriend that treats you like shit – and you buy her stuff constantly.

And I thought that about summed it up.

unrequited love

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4 Responses to Unrequited Love – The USA And Israel

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Very, very smart son!

  2. vegaslib says:

    Hahaha, now that is a great analogy.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Hey Irishgirl….have a new recipe for you. We had baked potatoes the other night. Grandson cut it in half lengthwise, added butter, salt and pepper and sour cream…..wait for it……he put it back together and called it a Irish Taco. You can add salsa if you like! Don’t ever let Austin tell you Irish food is bland again! Some chopped chives might give it a little pizazz too! Thought the other two grandsons were going to choke from laughing so hard!

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