Ireland Win Six Nations

sixYou guys have your Super Bowl. We have the Six Nations.

Italy 20-61 Wales
Scotland 10-40 Ireland
England 55-35 France

Ireland have won the 2015 Six Nations after one of the most dramatic final days in the history of the competition.

An afternoon of high drama ebbed and flowed across the three staggered kicks-offs, beginning in Rome and sweeping to Edinburgh before a gloriously chaotic climax at Twickenham.

Wales started the day with a 41 point victory over Scotland and set the scene for the day to come.

However a 10-40 victory for Ireland over Scotland at Murrayfield eliminated Welsh hopes of a title and gave England a daunting 26 point target to reach.

But the title was still in the balance right down to the final seconds at Twickenham as England pushed for the score amid an intense atmosphere. The two sides traded 12 tries, yet England still came up agonisingly short and the title want to Ireland.

This really was the best day of rugby that I have ever seen. The French/English match was epic. I am saturated with rugby and all the beer and wine.

I know no one will give a damn, but it was a big deal over here. And the guy who wrote that must be drunk.

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2 Responses to Ireland Win Six Nations

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Good night Irishgirl. Sleep well!

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