Tehran Tom Goes Nukular


I could hardly believe my ears a few hours ago when I heard Tehran Tom tell Bob Scheiffer that Iran already controls Tehran. Why yes it does. And this fool is running around the place inserting himself into international negotiations.

If the GOP had any sense, and I know that they don’t, they would grab this halfwit by the neck and yank him off the international stage.

As the Independent in the UK has said:

Yes, Mr Cotton, Iran is in control of Tehran. It is the capital of the county. The US controls Washington DC and the Brits control London. Also, Mount Everest is tall.

Old Tehran Tom is really showcasing the brain power of the GOP.


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10 Responses to Tehran Tom Goes Nukular

  1. Wow! Thanks for this. I missed Face the Nation this week. I really like Bob Schieffer.

  2. MrsGunka says:

    We could always trip him and he would need ACL surgery. We could send in Irishgirl to take care of him! I would send her in with a 2 quart hot, soapy 5-H enema….high, hot, helluva lot and hold it til he hiccups! Teheran Bob is so full of fecal matter he can’t think straight. That would clear his mind of this crazy shtuff! I could make up 46 more enema’s for the rest of that stupid bunch!

  3. He speaks volumes for a Harvard ed, like Cruz. /snark

  4. Spike says:

    And it’s 1 2 3 what are we fighting for….. Welcome to the U.D.M. Un-united Dickheads of Murica. This little freak needs to wear a Head Wanker t-shirt every day. Anybody else have the urge to backhand this obnoxious little pussy boy across the room? Or is it just me?

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

    Get better young broken one.

  5. ProfessorCanine says:

    “And it’s 1 2 3 what are we fighting for…….”

    “Cotton said the U.S. needs more than $611 billion in defense spending”

    • Spike says:

      “Well there ain’t no time to wonder why, Woo-Hoo, we’re all going to die!” If these fucking assholes have anything to say about it. They squeal good, don’t they?

    • crow says:

      I wish Congress would get off it’s high horse and stop calling our aggressive war efforts “defense spending”. Just stop calling it the Department of Defense and go back to calling it what it really is – the War Department. The Gulf War, The Iraq War, The Afghanistan War – my children have grown up never knowing a time when our “exceptional” America was never at war – I’m sorry – “defending our freedoms” somewhere. America is so over “peace”. Now it’s all about defense. The boogeyman is behind every door and if you don’t support “defense” you are unpatriotic. Even beauty pageant contestant don’t talk about world peace anymore. It’s been evolved out of our collective consciousness.

      Invading Iraq had nothing to do with our nation’s defense. It sickens me to hear people like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz say that American soldiers are in Afghanistan because they are fighting for our “freedoms”. No they are not. American soldiers defend opium fields in Afghanistan, oil fields in Iraq, and banking interests in South Americas. but we do not defend America. We are trying to destroy America. We want to take away social security for old people, education for young people, voting rights for black people, equal rights for gay people, reproductive rights for women and health care for everyone. Afghanis are not taking away our freedoms; the GOP is taking away our freedoms.

      Years ago I used to work with battered women, and one of the not so surprising things was to find how many of them at that time had either 1- no phone and 2- no car. You know, the things that could have assisted them in getting help. The American people are a battered wife and 1% is an abusive husband who wants to keep her poor, uneducated, barefoot and pregnant (literally) with no means to escape or better herself, and to provide its children with no education, no jobs and no future so that the only place for them to go is into the military to continue to provide cannon fodder for their insatiable desire for more war. And the GOP is their willing tool to do all of this.

      It’s not about “defense”, it’s about war profiteering.

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