Walker And Palin – Fake Fisherman And Hunter

I was reading an article today  on C&L about Scott Walker and the damage he is wreaking in Wisconsin when I came across this picture that I had never seen before.

The fraud doesn’t have a clue about fishing, he is holding his rod upside down. I have actually fished – and I will have you know that I have caught an eel and a dogfish in my time – some mackerel too. You have got to reel those feckers in quickly. If Walker got a bite, the rod would probably end up in the water. He ain’t no fisherman.

Kind of reminds you of this when Palin had to have father recycle the bolt. I’m convinced that poor caribou was tied up as Chucky seemed so certain it wasn’t going anywhere.

The comments on this video are priceless.

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3 Responses to Walker And Palin – Fake Fisherman And Hunter

  1. lindak1961 says:

    It would be so easy to fake being a fisherman or a hunter, especially for a picture or a video. Yet, cons can’t be bothered to fake it like they are real experts. I don’t know if it’s because they are stupid, because they think that the rest of us are stupid, or both.

  2. Titlewave says:

    If Walker is a lefty, he could be doing what some lefty friends of mine have done- fish with the reel on top. Also, there are different types of reels- spinners, baitcasters, etc. that will cause some people to prefer using left or right hand. I really have seen reels used in many position by good fishers, but knowing Walker, it’s his ignorance 🙂

  3. psminidivapa says:

    I have to say that we LAUGHED OUT LOUD each time we watched the “Sarah trying to shoot the caribou” video!!!! Coming from the part of the country where we all learn to shoot and hunt (even you, IG), that entire video screamed BOGUS!!!! (and really loudly). I have to admit that I have never actually gone hunting (I have an issue with killing deer) – but I took the hunter safety course that was required at my high school (seriously, it was REQUIRED!!!), so I know about shooting, and killing, and loading….just saying that Sarah never ever handled/loaded/shot that gun before the episode. (also, for the record, I have showed the video to kids I teach – all avid hunters and 13 years old- and they laugh at the “fakyness.”)

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