The Shaming Of America

I think Chris Matthews can be a bit of an old windbag. But as regards the disgraceful behaviour of the GOP and the yahoo from Israel in Congress today, he hit it out of the park as far as I was concerned.

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9 Responses to The Shaming Of America

  1. MrsGunka says:

    Absolutely disgusting. Hope he loses his election. Time to ditch Boner! Watching Rachael and she is really dragging the GOP over the coals for this! This isn’t over yet. I felt like our country was kidnapped today by a foreign country!

  2. lindak1961 says:

    I think that this will backfire on the gop Congress and on Netanyahu. If there is a God, that is!

  3. 40Watt says:

    Netanyahu Speech Flops: Senate Democrats remain firmly in control of the congressional agenda.

    If Hill Republicans thought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address would build broad support for having Congress review any nuclear deal with Iran, they thought wrong.

    By the end of the day Tuesday, key Democratic senators had pulled their support for just such a bill after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced he was fast-tracking the legislation, bringing it to the Senate floor for debate as soon as next week, short-circuiting committee deliberations that Democrats say are necessary to perfect it.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Glad to see they are showing some balls. I don’t think Boner did his party any favours with that invite. Many Americans are furious about Bibi lecturing them and their president on foreign policy. A lot of comments reflect the fact that people feel they shouldn’t have their tax dollars going to Israel when that money could be better spent in the US. I believe Israel lost supporters over this blunder.

  4. Scarsdale says:

    Netanyahoo wants even MORE money, too. I think it should be stopped, after his disgraceful performance trying to undermine our President. Just saw a man standing outside congress holding a sign “I Pledge Allegiance to 1 = USA 2 = Israel” This is on Democratic Underground. Foreign aid should be put on the ballet, let the voters decided wether their taxes should go to Israel, or funding THIS country fixing infrastructure, feeding the poor, helping the unemployed. The gop wants to cut any program that is not for the wealthy, so they can cut taxes and aid Bibi.

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