Has Netanyahu Blown It? You Betcha – I Hope

netCourtesy of Salon:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had two goals for his address to Congress. The first was to boost his chances for reelection in a couple of weeks by showing off his sway abroad. I am not enough of an expert in Israeli politics to know if this will work on net, but the controversy that it sparked might cut against whatever gains it made. The second goal, however, was to lobby Congress to use its power to sabotage a nuclear deal with Iran. On this count, he’s failed, because he critically misunderstands how American politics works.

If Netanyahu hadn’t thrown himself into the situation — perhaps that was impossible for him, given his ego — he might have gotten his desired results out of Congress. Had Netanyahu not gone so out of his way to attack the Obama administration, Congress may not have reverted to the partisan posture on two Iran-related bills that had looked like they had a decent chance of making their way into law.

Israel has a lot of friends in Congress. Have you heard? There are many, many Democrats willing to do exactly what Israel wants at any time. Perhaps the only way that Israel can screw this up is to launch a direct, overt assault on the head of the Democratic party. Israel’s hold on Congress is not so strong that Democratic members will choose Israel over their own president.

And that’s what Netanyahu has made them do: rush to the defense of President Obama, even if they had been willing to diverge from his foreign policy approach.

And there ya have it. I think old Bibi *misunderestimated* the Democratic members of Congress. They might love Israel, but they appear to love the US even more.

This is how thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protested in NYC yesterday.

orthodoxNow let us hope that the Israeli voters start to comprehend the damage Boner and Bibi have done to US/Israeli relations. They have also woken up a sleeping giant – the American taxpayer, who is starting to resent the billions of dollars being sent annually to Israel.

Ya did good Bibi. I’ll be praying for your defeat, you betcha.

And speaking of *The Flirt With The Skirt*

2000 (1)She’s gots yer back Bibi…


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8 Responses to Has Netanyahu Blown It? You Betcha – I Hope

  1. stillregina says:

    Ooh… Love the Bibi-sitter posters!

  2. Titlewave says:

    ” I think old Bibi *misunderestimated* the Democratic members of Congress. They might love Israel, but they appear to love the US even more.”

    Unlike the Republican members. They would trample this country in order to insult or do political harm to the President.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Re. the protests in NY, it appears that these are Satmar Hasidic Jews who oppose the existence of State of Israel.

  4. Scarsdale says:

    Bibi wants more taxpayer money from the USA also, too!! No wonder he is $carah’s pin up boy. Show me the $$$$ both of them are money grubbers.

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